The Work

Fighting Words is a creative writing centre established by Roddy Doyle and Sean Love.

Inspired by 826 National in the United States, Fighting Words is located on Behan Square, Russell Street, Dublin 1 - very close to Croke Park.

Our Videos

Find clips from Fighting Words events, summer camps and workshops here!

News Headlines

Angelina has her brain removed as a preventive measure against going bonkers
Call for "conscience clause" to be inserted in Irish Water bills
Vatican's special "buy-one-get-one-free" deal for couples trading in their sin-riddled souls. Offer limited to heteros.
“No, but like…you're my besty….I’m not just saying that…I love you." says stop-out-of-control-drinking to Diageo
Jeremy Clarkson sentenced to cycle around a Peugeot plant in Argentina for the rest of his days
To avoid penalty points drivers now cradling mobiles in their armpits & using their tongues to tap the keypad
New study finds majority of deaths may be caused by dying
St. Patrick admits bringing misery to Ireland. "Yep, Ronan Keating was my idea," said the saint.
Taoiseach says buy Aer Lingus shares now and make a killing when IAG makes its move. Like we did with Eircom.