The Work

Fighting Words is a creative writing centre established by Roddy Doyle and Sean Love.

Inspired by 826 National in the United States, Fighting Words is located on Behan Square, Russell Street, Dublin 1 - very close to Croke Park.

Our Videos

Find clips from Fighting Words events, summer camps and workshops here!

News Headlines

Donald Trump apologises for calling women "calculating manipulators" explaining that they are useless at calculating
Ireland steps up to the plate and doubles its intake of Syrian refugees to 6
"The diaspora will play a central role in our 1916 celebrations," says Minister. "We're hoping they'll cover the costs"
ISIS the underdogs after drawing Tyrone in next year's Ulster championship
"The IRA is gone and isn't coming back," says Gerry Adams. "They never even said goodbye or sent a card."
Irish Water opens new Customer Centre, but unfortunately its customer is sick that day
Ireland's incorruptible new planning laws see Bord Pleanála give go ahead for a new shopping and apartment development at Glasnevin cemetery
AirBn'B nominated as best soul act in Music Awards
Wicklow farmer nostalgic for time when you could marry your goat and no one passed any comment