The Work

Fighting Words is a creative writing centre established by Roddy Doyle and Sean Love.

Inspired by 826 National in the United States, Fighting Words is located on Behan Square, Russell Street, Dublin 1 - very close to Croke Park.

Our Videos

Find clips from Fighting Words events, summer camps and workshops here!

News Headlines

Sepp Blatter appointed spokesman for VW
Pope Francis releases new CD that includes his version of The Prodigal's "Smack my God up"
United People's Front Against Austerity & Anti-Austerity United People's Front combined yesterday under the acronym AAUPFAAOS (Anti Austerity United People's Front Against Austerity & Other Stuff) and will split tomorrow.
Richard Branson looking forward to going to Mars. Aren't we all.
Taoiseach abandons investment plans for everywhere north of Dublin, attributing the decision to a complete lack of interest
Alex Ferguson says Roy Keane wasn't a world class breastfeeder
Trump admits that Hilary Clinton paid him to stand for the Republicans
Toothfairy to appear before the Public Accounts Committee
HSE asks for an extra €2billion "for the christmas party"