Fundraising Night at Fighting Words

Come to the centre on Thursday, 10 November from 8pm to 11pm for a fun evening to benefit Fighting Words!

There will be plenty of fun and niblets on the night.  Both Lost In Transition and the brand new Fighting Words Annual 2011 (a collection of primary school stories written at FW will be on sale as well as a raffle and other prizes, right down to the ones you would rather not have.

Word of Mouth: A Year in the Life of Fighting Words

Word of Mouth follows a year in the life of the creative writing centre, Fighting Words, developed by the award winning Irish writer Roddy Doyle and the former director of Amnesty Ireland, Sean Love, which was inspired by 826 Valencia in San Francisco and is located in the heart of Dublin city.

The documentary was broadcast on  RTÉ lyric fm on Friday 28th October 2011 at 7pm.