Every morning, brilliant new stories are written by primary schoolchildren.They are all stored in our library (the stories, not the children). To read the stories and see the pictures, just click on the title or read more to view stories.

We also have stories from our other locations:  Cork, Galway, Mayo and Wicklow

A Marshmallow's Life

St. Fiachra's JNS, 2nd Class, 17/02/10
There was once a marshmallow called Squishy and she liked chocolate. Squishy had a best friend called Biker the Robot who rode a motorbike.

Squishy’s greatest wish was to bathe in hot chocolate.

Pancake Dragon's Adventure

St. Fiachra's JNS, 2nd Class, 16/02/10
One day, a very long time ago, Pancake Dragon woke up and he was all sore and tired. He went with his mother to the volcano. He got some fire from the volcano.

Pancake Dragon found out that instead of lava in the volcano, it was full of Nutella.

The Flying Pig

HAY After School Project  
Once upon a time there was a man named Jim Bob. He was a farmer living in Kerry with all the cows. He had to farm from inside his house which was quite difficult!

He had another house down in Port Laoise that got burnt down, killing many of his cows.


Navan Educate Together, 5th and 6th Class, 15/02/10
Ted the redhead met Hammy the giant talking burger. Ted was getting interviewed for a job at McDonalds.

When Ted sat down for the interview he broke the chair because he had too much weight. He got distracted by Hammy because he looked so scrum-diddly-umptious.

Bob, Alice And The Flying Chair

Story-writing Field trip, Ranelagh Multidenominational School, 6th class.
There was a pig on a farm. If they were looking at it that’s what people would think but it was really Alice. She was actually a person.

Beside the farm was a huge mansion where Bob lived. That morning he was busy counting his money and dreaming of the girl on the farm next door.

What Mr. Crankeyhead Eats

St. Fiachra's Beaumont, 2nd Class, 8 February 2010
Mr. and Mrs. Crankeyhead the Singing Monkeys were eating breakfast in their treehouse. Mr. Crankeyhead the Singing Monkey swung out of the treehouse into a lake with singing crocodiles.

Mrs. Crankeyhead the Singing Monkey was ironing at the house and didn’t care about Mr. Crankeyhead the Singing Monkey.

Big World Shmall Shnail

St. Fiachra's Beaumont 6th Class
Shnoot the female shnail is in a hole eating Cheerios with her best friend, Jim the antelope- he’s a boy. Suddenly they hear a big bang! It’s Apollo the Afro Man coming to take Jim away.

The two of them rush outside to investigate the noise.