Back To The Jungle

​Gaelscoil Bhaile Munna, Ballymun, 3rd Class, 12th March 2018

One day, Spotty the Giraffe was going to get food in the zoo.

Suddenly, he saw a lion next to him. The lion saw Spotty and started to growl at him.

Spotty felt petrified because his greatest fear was lions.

The second Spotty had moved into the zoo, he had wanted to go home to the jungle because he was put beside the lions.

Spotty missed his family in the jungle.

That night, Spotty had a dream about going home to his family.

The next morning, when he told his brother Jeffrey the Giraffe about the dream, they came up with a plan to escape.

“We need to go home. I’m scared,” said Spotty.

Jeffrey agreed. They spent day and night working on coming up with a plan.

Spotty had the idea for Jeffrey to pretend to be sick so that when the zookeepers came to help him, Spotty could slip out of the enclosure and go to the station to get the keys.

Just as they were about to go through with the plan, the lion escaped…