The Bite

​Scoil Thomáis, Castleknock, Dublin 15, 4th Class, 1 February 2018

There once was a spoiled brat named Sarah. She had a useless friend called Stewart.

Sarah thought Stewart could help her with her homework.

One day, Stewart went over to Sarah’s house with his pet spider and she freaked out!

“Why did you bring that thing? You know I hate spiders!” said Sarah.

“I thought you loved spiders,” said Stewart.

“I want you to sell that spider, so I can have money to buy clothes,” demanded Sarah.

“No! That’s my favourite poisonous tarantula!” said Stewart.

“Well, I don’t care,” said Sarah. “If that spider is not sold in a week, I wont play with you anymore.”

“Will I get a part of the money?” asked Stewart. “And can I at least say goodbye to Jimbo?”

“NO! Get that thing out of my sight!” shouted Sarah.

Stewart kept Jimbo the spider at Sarah’s house. A few days before he was supposed to sell it, he left the cage open and Jimbo crept out.

The next morning, Sarah realised Jimbo was gone. She started to scream. She felt something at the bottom of her bed. She thought it was her teddy, but it was actually Jimbo the spider!

Jimbo climbed onto Sarah’s hand. Stewart ran in.

“Stop! That’s my spider! Don’t crush it!” he shouted.

Sarah started to crush the spider but then she realised that the spider had started to regenerate.

Sarah fainted in astonishment.

When she regained consciousness, she shouted, “Get rid of that spider or I will call the exterminators to do it!”

“No. I will get rid of him on my own,” said Stewart.

Instead, Stewart took Jimbo down into the kitchen and hid him in the cookie jar!

Later, Sarah went to get a cookie. She put her hand in the jar and felt a soft cookie.

But then she realised that cookies can’t be furry. She thought it was her slipper, so she took it out and put it on her foot.

But actually, it was Jimbo! He bit her foot…