The Carrot-Nap

​Donabate Portrane Educate Together National School, 3rd Class, 8 February 2018

Once upon a time there was a carrot called Bob. He lived in a place called Dublin. Bob’s dream was to play football for Ireland.

Bob’s best friend was Polly the Pea. Polly the Pea loved wearing green and loved eating mashed potatoes.

One day, Bob was at his house. Polly came in and she gave him a registration form to try out for the Ireland team

“This is my dream come true!” said Bob.

“You’re welcome! It’s no problem,” replied Polly.

“How did you get this form?” asked Bob.

“Donut Trump gave it to me,” said Polly.

“Who is Donut Trump?” asked Bob.

Polly said, “The captain of the Ireland team!

He’s seen you play before and he thinks you’re really good. He wants to give you a trial.”

Suddenly Bob remembered what had happened when he was a baby-carrot.

Donut Trump’s parents wanted Bob’s parents to build a machine for them.

But when they refused, Donut’s parents carrot-napped them…