The End of the World is Small and Fluffy

Dublin 7 Educate Together National School, 6th Class, 11 October 2018

My name is Squish and I am an incredibly cute cat with murderous intentions. This is my autobiography.

Today was the day I was finally going to do it. I was going to finally build my death ray and use Gertrude the waffle, my best friend, to shoot lasers out of it.

The death ray will harness the power of Gertrude’s lasers.

But first, I needed to knock the cucumber out of the game.

Humanity has lived long enough.  It is time for cats to rule. And we’ll destroy all of the cucumbers while we’re at it.

I snuck up behind the cucumber. But wait, what am I doing? I’m afraid of cucumbers. 

I should just go back to my catcave (my favourite lair, which was really just pillows and blankets from my owner’s bed.

But I like to call it my catcave).

I heard something bouncing behind me.

I checked. Nothing there.

Who was hunting who?

As I entered my catcave -  the horror.  The cucumber was there. I decided to take it on.

As I snuck up behind it, the determination left me.

It was watching me.  It had eyes in the back of its head, I just knew it.

Filled with fear, I turned to go.  Then I heard it move.

And then it struck!...