Kobe’s Wish

St Ronan’s National School, Clondalkin, 5th Class, 7 February 2018

Jack the alien worked on a space farm that grew diamonds and metal.  He made shields and swords.

In his spare time, Jack liked to help his friend Kobe play basketball.  He was the assistant coach of Kobe’s team. 

Kobe was not very good at basketball because he had no arms. The reason he has no arms is because he is a snake.

One day, Jack and Kobe were watching basketball on the Intergalactic Sports Channel on board Jack’s spaceship.

The Cleveland Cavaliers were playing the Golden State Warriors.

Kobe wished that he could meet LeBron James.

“If LeBron James was my manager, I could get better! Right now I’m rubbish at basketball,” said Kobe.

That made Jack angry.  He thought that he was a good coach.

“That’s it! You’re gone off my team!” shouted Jack.

“You can’t throw me off the team, only the manager can throw me off the team!” declared Kobe.

Just then, a mouse appeared out of nowhere.

“I’m starving! Do you have any food?” she squeaked.

Jack was terrified of mice. “If you leave me on the team, I’ll eat the mouse for you,” said Kobe.

“Beware!” replied the mouse, “I have a black belt in mouse jujitsu!”…