The Mad Situation

St Matthew’s National School, Ballymahon, Co. Longford, 4th & 5th Class, 5 June 2018

Once upon a time, Jimmy the Hamburger and Jeff the Turtle went to a job interview in McDonald’s.

When they got there, the boss, Red the Chicken Nugget asked them their names.

“I’m Jimmy,” said Jimmy.
“I’m…Jeff,” said Jeff, slowly.

“You’re not working here, Jeff. You’re too slow,” said Red the Chicken Nugget.

Jimmy said he wouldn't work there if Jeff couldn’t work there as well.

He said to Red, “You’re getting redder. Maybe you should retire.”

“If you can do a better job in month, I’ll let you run the place,” said Red.

Jimmy told Jeff he could work there - but he had to go as fast as possible.

Red came back in - he said that he had forgotten his wallet.

Then he went to the shop to buy bubble bath and he sat in his bath for a good hour.

Jimmy and Jeff didn’t notice that when Red came back, he had pressed a sabotage button.

It set off a silent alarm that caused the evil chips to come and attack…