A Madrid Afternoon

By Writers from Sunbeam House, Friday 20th April 2018

They were in a pub in Madrid. It was a sunny afternoon and Anne and Ben had met up for a West Coast Cooler. They were sitting on the patio outside.

The city was very busy. Sometimes the temperatures were very high.

The two friends were sitting on a street filled with shops and restaurants and bars.

“I’ve just come back from my tennis match. I won it!” said Anne. She was feeling very happy.

“Congratulations! What a nice way to spend my day off work,” replied Ben. He worked as a train driver in Madrid.

“Would you like another drink?” Ben asked. He was a bit excited because he wanted to ask her out on a date.

“Yes please. That would be nice, thank you,” Anne said, smiling.

Ben and Anne had known each other for a year. The friends introduced them to each other at a party.

One of Anne’s friends knew one of Ben’s friends and everyone hit it off talking about sport.

When Ben came back with the drinks, he started to tell Anne about his friend who played in a band.

They were going to be playing a gig in a big outside venue the size of Croke Park. The band was called “The Rocking Group” and they played pop music.

“Well, I have two tickets to their next gig,” said Ben. “Would you like to come with me?”

“Definitely,” She replied, rubbing her hands together in excitement. “My dream is actually to become a Rock Star. I love to sing,”

“That’s great,” said Ben. “I’ll pick you up around half six,”