Mushy the Mushroom

Bayside Senior School, Dublin 13, 4th Class, 11April 2018

Mushy the mushroom woke up in his hole in the forest.

Mushy’s best friend Joe the hedgehog came by every Saturday to watch the Olympics.

One Saturday, Mushy and Joe were watching the Olympics and spotted Derek, the evil potato, competing in the hammer throw.

They decided to join the Olympics to beat him.

When Mushy and Joe were trying out for the Olympics, they had to choose a sport to compete in.

They went to the National Sports Campus in Abbotstown and tried out a bunch of different sports.

Joe and Mushy tried racing, swimming, and the javelin throw but they decided to compete in the high jump.

They saw that Derek, the evil potato, was competing against them!

Mushy and Joe made friends with a boy named Luke, who was a mind reader.

They asked Luke if he could read Derek’s mind so that they could try to embarrass him.

Luke read Derek the evil potato’s mind and saw that Derek was going to put rockets in his shoes so he could cheat by jumping higher.

Before the day of the high jump competition, Mushy, Joe, and Luke planned to steal the shoes.

They snuck into Derek’s room during the night to throw away the shoes.

But, suddenly, Mushy stepped on one of the rocket shoes and it went off!

Derek woke up...