Paws and Pepperoni

​Holywell Educate Together National School, Swords, 3rd Class, 11 June 2018

 Once there was a fox named Doctor Fox, who invented medicine for sick animals.

He lived in a hospital. Doctor Fox had his own bedroom with lots of medicines.

One day, his friend, Pizza Dude got sick, so Doctor Fox went to see him.

On his way to Pizza Dude’s house, he found a wishing well.

Doctor Fox dropped a coin in and wished for magic powers like he always did.

So when he got to Pizza Dude’s house, Doctor Fox realised Pizza Dude had gone off. 

“I feel all sick and mouldy,” said Pizza Dude.

Doctor Fox decided to see if his magic powers would work.

He held his paws out and tried to make Pizza Dude better - but it didn’t work.

 All of a sudden, they heard a howl.

“Did you hear that, Pizza Dude?” said Doctor Fox.

“We better go outside and see what’s making that sound.”

They went outside. As soon as they did, a wolf called Scar jumped out and took a bite of Pizza Dude…