The Pigstery

St Killian’s National School, Mullagh, Co. Cavan, 5th Class, 6 June 2018

Harry was a sad little squid with only his office chair to talk to.

He didn’t even really like his office chair because it was mean to him.

The office chair would always push Harry off when he went to sit on it.

Harry had a phobia of the floor called flooraphobia.

Harry wished he had a friend to help him get rid of his office chair.

He put an advertisement in the newspaper. The headline read:

Friend Wanted with Monocle - Preferably with Four Limbs.

As well as the newspaper ad, Harry printed out fliers, paid for an ad on Google and even told him mum to tell her friends.

Larry, the pig with a monocle, was strolling around his farm when a newspaper hit him in the face.

A rooster came up to him and said, “Sorry, that’s my newspaper.”

Larry said, “I just want to have a look at it.”

What caught Larry’s eye first was an ad for hair gel but underneath he saw the “Friend Wanted” ad that Harry had posted.

Larry used the number on the ad to call Harry.

He took off his monocle and used it as a phone.

Harry picked up the phone in his office.

“Hi! Wanna be friends!?” Larry began.

“Okay,” Harry replied. “But I might want to inform you that I can’t move without my office chair.”

Larry said, “Grand. I’ll be over after my free mud bath.”

Harry waited for hours and hours for Larry to show up, but he never came.

Harry decided to investigate…