Rarry the Ferarri

​Scoil Bhríde Junior National School, Donaghmede, 2nd Class, 6 February 2018

Once upon a time, there was a car named Rarry. He had a friend named Wanda the Chihuahua.

One day they went to the woods for a walk. Suddenly, a snake popped out and they legged it home. On the way home, they saw a race going on.

“I gotta be a part of that race!” Rarry said to Wanda.

Wanda said, “Yeah, you should be a part of that race because you’re really fast.”

Rarry kept on saying to himself, “I want to be the fastest car.”

Rarry had to try out to be a part of the race. He was racing against Alysha the Car. She was really fast too.

Wanda told Rarry that Alysha was the biggest competition in the whole entire world!

The try-outs for the next race were on Monday morning. The try-outs went well, but Rarry was worried about Alysha winning the race.

On the day of the race, Rarry was late. He saw a ramp, went on it and landed in the racecourse just in time.

When Rarry was racing, he saw a clown. Clowns were Rarry’s biggest fear!

“Keep going, keep going!” Wanda shouted.

Rarry kept on going, and he beat Alysha the Car. When the race was over, Alysha was very cross that Rarry won the race.

“You didn’t deserve to win. At the next race, I’ll beat you!” Alysha said.

“Okay, we’ll see about that!” Rarry replied.

The next race was in a week…