Sparkle’s Date

​Réalt Na Mara GNS, Drogheda. 2nd Class, Wednesday 7th February 2018

Sparkle the Unicorn lived under a rock, by the sea.

One day she went outside and she found a turtle. The turtle’s name was Shelly.

“Hi,” said Shelly to Sparkle.

“Howyih,” said Sparkle. “Do you know where some fish and chips are?”

“I don’t know where to get fish and chips, but we can have pizza!” said Shelly.

They went to dominos and got a pizza with chicken nuggets. At Dominos, a boy unicorn flew in through the roof.

Sparkle was shy and she made a weird face.

A construction dragon came to fix the roof.

Bob, the boy unicorn, came over to Sparkle and Shelly and said: “Hi.”

“Um, hi?” said Sparkle.

Shelly was just chillin’ in the chair. He was watching the football match on his phone.

Bob the unicorn asked Sparkle out on a date. Just as they were about to pay, the dragon fell on top of them…