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The Adventures of Doris and John

By Holly and Anthony, PMVT - Carline Learning Centre June 2021

Before the bingo, Doris and John were having a cuppa and a fry in the Fresh Café. John had been living with his Nanny Doris since he was eleven. They went to bingo every Wednesday and before it started, they always grabbed a fry and have the goss.

Doris had news for John but didn’t know how to break it to him. She decided to break the tension. “You know your one off the telly?”

“No, I don’t, Doris!” John exclaimed. “Which one is it?”

Friends Getting on With Each Other


Playwriting, Prosper Fingal, May 2021

A Play by Glen, Stephen, Fergal, Claire, Darren, Sonya, Ruaidhri, John and Patrick

Jacinta, aged 18.
Is an actor and shopkeeper by profession, she’s a very nice woman, she doesn’t cook but she does like gardening.

She likes play-acting, she’s funny, and she likes to do practical jokes.

Lost for Time

CDETB, Creative Writing Workshop, 12th May 2021

Chapter 1

Ingrid was in a posh bar called Diamonds. The bar was located in the Jewellery Quarter in Covent Garden, London. Ingrid was looking for her next mark. She became interested in a conversation she overheard about a diamond in a safe. She noticed that these businessmen were wealthy. One of them had a very expensive Rolex watch.

Ingrid went to a family member that she could always rely on. She wanted to ask for advice on how to open a Chubb safe.


Fighting Talk

CDETB, Creative Writing Workshop 12th May 2021

Andrea and her brother, Luke, were meeting up at the Red Rose Café near Stephen’s Green in Dublin. They hadn’t spoken in a while. Andrea didn’t know that Luke had won a million euro in the Lotto.

Nobody knew.  Andrea was usually rude and disrespectful to Luke. Growing up, they didn’t get along. Now, Luke had something important to tell Andrea but he couldn’t get her attention, even a second for her to just listen to him.

Luke was trying to explain why he hadn’t spoken to Andrea in a while.


Last Five Finger Discount

CDETB, Creative Writing Workshop, 12th May 2021

As she rushed in the rain, Patricia wanted to catch the last train home. When she got on to the DART, it was nearly empty which was unusual. It was usually full, especially on a Friday evening.

Patricia noticed that someone was sitting in her favourite spot and she always sat there. She was jealous of all the woman’s bags. She wanted to sit there to see if she could take something.

Patricia was a hard worker and worked all the hours that God sent her. She didn’t have time to go shopping so she took what she could get.