GET WRITING! Creative Writing Workshops for Older People

GET WRITING! Everyone has a story to tell. Have you always wanted to write but have trouble getting started? Would you like to gain more confidence writing?

If so...come to a series of three workshops which will help you discover your own unique writing voice by getting your pen moving immediately. At each workshop, you will write in response to timed, triggering exercises designed to be fun and spark your imagination. All participants will be supported by trained and experienced Fighting Words writing tutors.

Screenwriting for 14-17 year-olds

Wrap your head around the basics of screenwriting in a three hour intensive crash-course! For those interested in learning how writing for the screen is different to prose, poetry, or writing for the stage.

Through active discussion and participation, we explore the basics of visual storytelling, screenplay formatting, and story essentials.

Performance Art and Biography. A Conceptual Journey

A workshop inviting 15-17 year olds to learn how, why and what makes performance art. Across ten hours and over two days you will conceive, devise and perform an original piece of performance art.

In addition, you will discover the history, tradition and experimental future of the art form and use the biography of your own life and identity to add a creative message to the world.