Event Day Dún Laoghaire

As part of the National Museum of Childhood Event Day, we invite participants aged 14-17 to explore childhood past, present, and future in a Fighting Words creative writing workshop. As part of this workshop, participants will visit an exhibition of photos and stories related to childhood in the Royal Marine Hotel, Dún Laoghaire. This visit will act as inspiration and starting point for the creative writing workshop that follows.

Participants will spend the first part of the workshop working together as a group, creating a story initially through role play and improvisation. They then work together , developing characters, setting and plot, adding dialogue and editing as they go. Each participant then has the opportunity to work on their own individual pieces of writing, helped and encouraged by Fighting Words volunteer tutors.

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A Note About Photographs
Fighting Words usually takes photographs of workshops in action for inclusion on our website and other promotional materials about our work. In addition, photographs from this event may also be featured in promotional material for the National Museum of Childhood. All participants will be included. 
Please note that this is not optional.

The National Museum of Childhood will also be photographing activities on the day, and photos may be used in future promotional material.