Visions & Revisions: An Anthology of New Writing by Junior Cycle Teachers

Visions & Revisions is a collection of writing by twenty junior cycle teachers. A partner programme between Fighting Words and Arts in Junior Cycle, the teachers attended a series of workshops at Fighting Words to draft, redraft, edit and publish this collection of work. This creative programme offers teachers the time and space to explore and consider possibilities around the creation of portfolios across all subjects at Junior Cycle.

This unique collection of work by new writers is a testament to the power of words, taking chances and using our imaginations.

Now, more than ever, we need to find our creativity, raise our voices to each other and share our experience.

This collection couldn’t be more timely.  

 - Sheila O’Flanagan, Foreword.


The Swan's Nest - Marie Therese Carmody, read by Jim Connell-Moylan
The Unwelcome Mat - Yvonne Corscadden, read by Lisa Gorry
The Blind Leading the Visually Gifted - Rosanne Florence, read by Jim Connell-Moylan
Out and About - Rosanne Florence, read by Jim Connell-Moylan
Neurocosmopolitanism - Rosanne Florence, read by Jim Connell-Moylan
Conversation Pieces - Emma Gallagher, read by Elizabeth Goldrick
Women Through the Ages - Chelsea Hudson, read by Nora Nic Con Ultaigh
Stupid - Ruth Kelly, read by Barry Barnes
A Bumpy Road - Richard Kerins, read by Jim Connell-Moylan
Inner Space - Mary Lowry, read by Mary Lowry
How to Cancel a Wedding - Katie McDermott, read by Elizabeth Goldrick
Unravelled - Laura Morrissey, read by Lisa Gorry
Days Like This - Niamh Ni Bhraonain, read by Elizabeth Goldrick
83 and Counting - Martine O'Brien, read by Barry Barnes
Waiting Room B - Elizabeth O'Dea, read by Joanne Hayden
A Few Loose Screws - Shane Ruth, read by Lisa Gorry
The Walls - Leona Talbot, read by Leona Talbot
Splinters - Patricia Wall, read by Jim Connell-Moylan
Autumn Break - Anna Johnston, read by Joanne Hayden
Homework - Catherine Hickey, read by Lisa Gorry
Take Me Through Your Day - Neasa McHale, read by Joanne Hayden
Undone - Mary-Elaine Tynan, read by Nora Nic Con Ultaigh