Every morning, brilliant new stories are written by primary schoolchildren.They are all stored in our library (the stories, not the children). To read the stories and see the pictures, just click on the title or read more to view stories.

We also have stories from our other locations:  Cork, Conamara, Galway, Kerry, Mayo, NorthWest, Wicklow, and Wexford

One Frog, One Dream

Scoil San Seamuis CBS, Dublin 8. 4th Class. Illustrations by Isadora Epstein.
One day when walking in the rainforest, John-Paul the flying frog took a wrong turn and ended up in the city.

As he was looking around he bumped into a piece of cake, knocking off some of her crumbs.

The Two Best Friends

O'Connells Primary School North Richmond Street 4th Class 26 May, 2011
One day Jimmy the Jamaican was walking down the road and he met a girl called Carol. She was beautiful with blonde hair and lovely eyes.

Jimmy asked her for her phone number and she said yes.

The Tarantulas

St.Vincents GNS, North William Street, 3rd class, 24th May 2011
One evening, the circus came to town and there were loads of people crowding around the tents. 

The tents were covered in red and yellow stripes. Tyson, a giant, hairy, brown, blood-sucking tarantula was going for a stroll around town.

Happys One True Love

St. Laurence OTooles CBS 4th class 23rd of May 2011
Once upon a time there was a pizza called Happy. He was nervous because he had to go swimming with his school and he was afraid of water.

He decided to hide in the showers at the swimming pool. There he met an alien.

Georges Big Dream

St Josephs SNS Ballymun 4th\5th Class 16 May 2011
George the Shetland pony is the main character. He is black and white, wears roundy glasses with a moustache.
Penny the five cent piece is Georges best friend. Penny is a giant five cent piece and has wings.

Amy on a Mission

Stanhope St Convent Primary School, Stoneybatter 4th class 12th May 2011
One day in school, Amy was standing at her locker.  Cheerleaders came over and pushed her in her locker and locked her in!

The cheerleaders took Angelica, Amy’s rag doll, from her bag.  They started playing with Angelica.

The Drop Kicking Monkey

St Laurence OTooles CBS Sherriff Street 2nd Class 10th May 2011
Once upon a time there was a man called Stewie and he ate too many pizzas One day, Stewie turned into a flying pizza. “Oh NO!” he said, “What’s happening to me on this very good day?”

Stewie’s dog Banjo tried to eat him.  He shouted, “STOP Banjo!” and he flew up onto the table.

Ronnie the Diger

Central Model Senior School Marlborough Street 4th Class 4th May 2011
One night in Digerdanyan, Ronnie, a little pink man with a moustache and seventeen noses was walking along with Ronni, a smaller version of himself. 

Suddenly, Ronnie and Ronni fell into a big canyon. 

The Runaway

Our Lady of Mercy Convent School Booterstown 4th Class 14 April 2011

“Dear Diary:
It’s been almost eight years since I’ve seen my dad.  I’ve decided now that I’m going to find him this summer with my best friend Scrap.

My Biggest Love

Our Lady of Mercy Convent School, Booterstown 6th class 13th April 2011

Dear Diary,
It’s the day before the pageant- the biggest day of my life! I’ll be getting my spray tan done in a while and my dress has just arrived, yay!!

Best Friends

Virgin Mary GNS, Ballymun 4th class 7th April 2011
One hour in 1999, Lava Girl was walking in the forest.

She fell in the bushes and a boy with HUGE feet picked her up.

Big-Mac Jacks Date

Scoil Cholmcille Ballybrack 5th Class 4th April 2011
One day Captain Converse and Big-Mac Jack were walking down the road.

The Captain hadn’t washed the dishes like his mother had told him, so he was hiding.

The Title of the Story

Our Lady of Victories BNS Ballymun 5th & 6th Class 30th March 2011
Smokey McPott was shopping in Tesco when he thought he heard a cabbage talking.

The cabbage was talking to his neighbour the eggplant. “That there woman was reaching for me, and I knew that she was going to take me back to her kitchen to chop me up.

Fruit vs Space Veg

St Fiachra's SNS, Beaumont. 6th Class. 28th March 2011
There is a melon called Steve Melon. He goes to school with his best friend, Sobo the Strawberry.

They like to play fruitball.  At school, they learn how to avoid being eaten.

The Secret

Pope John Paul II NS, Malahide, 23rd March 2011.
Ever since John Joe was a child, he thought his dad didn’t like him. 

So when he was thirteen he joined a gang to try and impress his dad.

Charlies Big Trip

Bayside Senior National School Sutton 5th Class 21st March 2011
Charlie the leprechaun always wanted to go to London to visit Big Ben.

The big problem was that he was afraid of British people being sarcastic.