Every morning, brilliant new stories are written by primary schoolchildren.They are all stored in our library (the stories, not the children). To read the stories and see the pictures, just click on the title or read more to view stories.

We also have stories from our other locations:  Cork, Conamara, Galway, Kerry, Mayo, NorthWest, Wicklow, and Wexford

The One Ring

St Fiachras Senior National School Beaumont 6th Class 26 September 2011
One morning, Schmeegel woke up on the sofa after another night of playing X-Box.

He is bald and hunch-backed from bending over his controller. 

All Alone

illustration story 1St Vincent de Paul GNS, Griffith Avenue, Dublin 9 20 September 2011
Once there was a squirrel called Dexter Murphy.

 He lived his life in shame. He always got everything wrong and he was terrible lawyer.

A Dangerous Mission

illustration story 1St Marys Junior School Rathmines 19th September 2011
Agent Zero was going to work at his spy agency which was based in Big Ben.

 He was in a helicopter coming in from Candy Land, when his parachute ripped and got caught on the clock hands which were at twelve o’clock.

The Free Runner

Scoil an tSeachtar Laoch Ballymun 6th Class 15 September 2011
One day, Sausage the rotten banana was walking down the street and he found a banana peel.

Sausage was horrified because it was the skin of his brother Barney.

Penguin's Secret

St Brigid's Girls National School, Glasnevin, 8 September 2011
 There was once an old woman named Penguin with a son called Nora.

Nora didn’t know his mother ate children. She looked like a perfectly normal person.

Ninja Toilet

Scoil Mhuire, Griffith Avenue, 2nd/3rd Class, 27 June 2011
Once upon a time in China there was a toilet called 62401. One day he was playing with his best friend, Tim the Penguin.

They liked to play football and basketball.  

Love Can Be Found Anywhere

Bennekerry National School Carlow, 3rd Class, 23 June 2011 
Once upon a time, there were two twin toilets, and their names were Bip and Bop.

They were toilet-napped by evil Dr Billy Bob Joe, who wanted to seek revenge against his arch enemy, their father, Durtle McGuinness, a sink.

Tesco Frenemies

St. Mary's NS, Fairview. 6th Class. 22nd June, 2011
Once upon a flying turtle, there was a turtle called Nurtle. Nurtle could fly, but he could not swim.

He used to have a job in Tesco cleaning rocks, but one day someone stood on his clean rocks in muddy wellies.

The Cake Lovers

St. Mary's NS, Fairview. 4th Class. 21st June 2011
One morning, Danielle was in the shop buying doughnuts, and she met Caramel, buying cakes. She went over and said, “Hello, nice to meet you.”

Caramel said, “I hear you like doughnuts.”

Talking Madness

St Enda's Whitefriar St, Dublin 8. 21st June 2011
Polo is a toilet, but he is not an ordinary toilet. His friend Bobby the toilet brush cleans him every day.

They decide that they want some fresh air one day, so they break down the door to get out of the bathroom.

Just Do It

Navan Educate Together NS, 2nd & 3rd Class. 20th June 2011
A boy named Red Ned, who is always angry, really wants to drink Red Bull.

One day he is walking to school with his best friend Skullder. He says to his friend, 

The Worst Day Ever

St Vincents Girls National School North William Street 4th Class 14th June 2011
One scary day, there was a girl called Mrs. Anybody.

It was the start of a school day and as she was walking down the hall she bumped into a girl with no head!

Joeys Jackpot

St Fiachras Senior School Beaumont 6th Class 13th June 2011
Joey the Chinchilla was at home at Chinchilla Chapel in Las Vegas.

He was watering his cactus wife Teresa and munching on some cheese.

Farm War I

St. Laurences BNS Kilmacud 4th Class 9th June 2011
Seàn McBiscuit was born a twin, and his twin’s name was Bob. Seàn loved biscuits and Bob loved crackers.

Their father liked Seàn better and promised him the biscuit farm.

One Frog, One Dream

Scoil San Seamuis CBS, Dublin 8. 4th Class. Illustrations by Isadora Epstein.
One day when walking in the rainforest, John-Paul the flying frog took a wrong turn and ended up in the city.

As he was looking around he bumped into a piece of cake, knocking off some of her crumbs.

The Two Best Friends

O'Connells Primary School North Richmond Street 4th Class 26 May, 2011
One day Jimmy the Jamaican was walking down the road and he met a girl called Carol. She was beautiful with blonde hair and lovely eyes.

Jimmy asked her for her phone number and she said yes.

The Tarantulas

St.Vincents GNS, North William Street, 3rd class, 24th May 2011
One evening, the circus came to town and there were loads of people crowding around the tents. 

The tents were covered in red and yellow stripes. Tyson, a giant, hairy, brown, blood-sucking tarantula was going for a stroll around town.

Happys One True Love

St. Laurence OTooles CBS 4th class 23rd of May 2011
Once upon a time there was a pizza called Happy. He was nervous because he had to go swimming with his school and he was afraid of water.

He decided to hide in the showers at the swimming pool. There he met an alien.