Every morning, brilliant new stories are written by primary schoolchildren.They are all stored in our library (the stories, not the children). To read the stories and see the pictures, just click on the title or read more to view stories.

We also have stories from our other locations:  Cork, Conamara, Galway, Kerry, Mayo, NorthWest, Wicklow, and Wexford

Hot the Hero

St Mary’s Boys National School, Maynooth, 3rd Class, 28 November 2017

Once upon a time, there was a chilli alien called Hot. His dream vehicle was a spaceship made of chillis. Hot had a best friend called Lady Pasta.

Hot and Lady Pasta lived far, far away on the planet Foodso. On Foodso, there were no rules and the houses were made of candy.

One day, there was a huge earthquake. Hot and Lady Pasta were trying to leave, but they couldn’t because they didn’t have a spaceship.

Big Dream or Big Nightmare?

​Greenlanes National School, Clontarf. 6th Class, Monday 27th November 2017

It all started on top of a mountain. It was cold, as always.

“Whose idea was it that it would be National Prank Day?” Damo thought to herself, already late for work.

In her mind, she was rehearsing her dance routine to “Single Ladies” by Beyonce. That always calmed her down.

The Great Reef Race

Fighting Words at St Patrick’s Cathedral, Jonathan Swift 350 Festival, 25 November 2017

Once upon a time there was a land called Anatopia. In Anatopia there lived a turtle named George. He lived in a small pineapple.

George had a very loud neighbour who lived in a coconut. Her name was Rebecca the unicorn.

Every year George the turtle tried out for the Reef Race, and every year he came last. And every year Sammy the shark came first.

Prison Break

​Oranmore Boys National School, 3rd Class, County Galway, 24 November 2017

Once upon a time there was a flying unicorn called Jack. His best friend was Jippy the DJ donkey.

Jack and Jippy loved dabbing on the road. They also loved boxing matches. 

Jack was watching a boxing match with Jippy when a girl came in and asked him to be his girlfriend.

Saving Santa

Wicklow ETNS, 2nd class,  County Wicklow, 23rd November 2017

Santa said to his friend Rudolph the huskie:

“I hope my worst fear doesn’t come true today. 

The thing is- I’ve been doing odd things lately. 

World War Veg

St Brigid’s Girls National School, Glasnevin, 6th Class, 23 November 2017

Once upon a time there was an apple called Bob, who lived in a silver fruit bowl. 

He had a best friend named Peter the pineapple who also lived in the silver fruit bowl.

The silver fruit bowl was in a gorgeous New York penthouse.

The Very Delicious Grape

St Joseph’s National School, Derrywash, 3rd Class, County Mayo, 21st November 2017

When I first was a loose grape, I screamed because I fell in a lake of banana juice, which was in the family dog bowl.

Then Daniela was thirsty and needed a drink at the dog bowl.  

At first, Gary was scared

The Disaster at Christmas

St Attracta’s National School, Charlestown, 5th Class, County Mayo, 21st November 2017

Wilma the coconut was planning to have an ordinary day. 

It was Christmas Eve and she was hoping to put the lights on the Christmas tree. She also was hoping to stay up late to see Santa Claus.

She looked out of her window and spotted a tsunami on the horizon.

Michael’s Greatest Wish

St Francis Senior National School, Priorswood, 6th Class, 21 November 2017

Michael the talking rat saw a cat come down into the sewers. 

He went to Frankie the mouse, who was his best friend, to let him know that there was a cat in the sewers.

Michael and Frankie were scared, and ran to a neighbour’s house. 

Johnny’s Great Adventure

St Francis Senior National School, Priorswood, 5th Class, 20 November 2017

One day when Johnny the pig was bored at home, he decided to watch his favourite band The Two Potatoes on the television. 

Johnny really wanted to meet the band and become a pop star himself.

A few minutes later, his best friend Jimmy the horse knocked for him.

Bimbo’s Magical Adventure

Claddagh National School, Galway, 4th Class, 17 November 2017

One day in a little cloud, a unicorn appeared. Jake was standing on the cloud.

“We need to go to Candyland, Bimbo,” said Jake.

Just as Bimbo was about to answer, it started to rain and the cloud evaporated. They fell to the ground.

The Diamond Paw

Claddagh National School, Galway, 4th Class, 17 November 2017

Once upon a time there was an evil cat called Patricia. 

She lived with her best friend, Harry the jousting dog.

Patricia and Harry were in their cottage having dinner. 

The Boy Wonder

​Scoil Chill Ruadhain, 4th Class, County Cork, 17 November 2017

My name is Ben and welcome to my life. I just moved to a new town, Manchester, and it's very hard for me. 

I haven't got a lot of friends. The only friend I've got is my dog Jimmy. 

The only thing that keeps me going is playing football. 


The Adventure Dogs

St Fiachra’s Junior National School, Beaumont, 2nd Class, 16 November 2017

Once upon a time there was a dog called Willow who lived in Romania. She chased a butterfly and got lost from her family.

While Willow was lost, she met her best friend, another dog called Indy. Together the two dogs chased the butterfly into the woods.

In the woods, Willow and Indy saw fireworks. The two friends got very scared.

​ The Rainbow Dragon

St Patrick’s NS, Glencullen, 3rd class, County Wicklow, 15th November 2017

Once upon a time there was a beautiful land that had a big fluffy castle that everyone lived in.  

One day, Bob the pebble, decided to go down to the mainland.  

There he met Fireball, the big rainbow dragon.

The Dragon Wish

St Patrick’s Junior National School, Blanchardstown, 2nd Class, 15 November 2017

One sunny morning, there was a baby dragon called James walking down the street. 

James was with his best friend, Vip the vacuum cleaner. They were on their way to school.

When they arrived at school, their teacher asked them, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Cobby And His Dream

Sacred Heart SNS, 5th class, County Wicklow, 14th November 2017

There was a placed called La La Land where a unicorn called ‘Cobby’  lived. 

His friend Benny the bear lived next door. Benny loved corn so much he’d eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner.

There was a man who hated unicorns called Mr. Corney the unicorn beater. 

Mick’s Pickly Life

St Fiachra’s Senior National School, Beaumont, 6th Class, 14 November 2017

On a farm in Pickleville, there was a newborn baby pickle called Mick the Pickle.

His first words were “I’m Pickle Mick.”

Mick the Pickle was born with one curly blue hair between his eyes.

Pandy’s Greatest Wish

St Vincent de Paul Girls National School, Griffith Avenue, 2nd Class, 13 November 2017

Once there was a uni-panda called Pandy. Pandy had a best friend who was called Charlie the pig.

Her greatest wish was to learn to fly.

Pandy wanted to learn to fly because she went to school with a lot of birds.

Unicorn Troubles

​Tirellan National School, 5th Class, County Galway, 10 November 2017

Two years ago, Tom the Talking Toaster came alive….

“Oh my toast!” said the toaster. He then heard a voice crying, “Help me, help me!”

It was Bob the slice of bread talking.

Chiniqua Faces Her Fears

​Tirellan National School, 5th Class, County Galway, 10 November 2017

Chiniqua the gorilla was in the Mexican jungle looking for her friend, Herbert the whale.

“Herbert, come on! I have a cookie for you!” she called.

“But I’m stuck,” said Herbert.

One Wild Dog Chase

Our Lady Immaculate Junior National School, Darndale, 2nd Class, 9 November 2017

Once there was a dog called Cece. She had an owner called Timmy, who was a ninja.

Timmy loved to eat grapes and he shared them with Cece.

Even though Cece loved Timmy, she got scared of a thunderstorm one day and ran away.

The Ketchup King

​Blessington ETNS, 4th-6th class,County Wicklow, 8th November 2017

It all started one day in Jim’s giant vault.  He had been watching his favourite TV show “Runge McDuck” the night before as he had so much money he could afford to make his own television show. 

After Runge McDuck was over he had seen some shadows. He was checking to see if his money was still there after seeing them.

As he turned around he knocked Anthony, his favourite ketchup bottle on the ground and to his horror, he broke!

Penelope’s Dream

St Joseph’s National School, Kilucan, Co. Westmeath, 4th Class, 8 November 2017

Penelope the Cow lived on the Blue Star Adoption Farm. 

There were lots of other animals, cows, pigs, dragons, exploding chickens and unicorns. 

She was always treated really well but she wanted to go explore the world. She dreamed to have wings.

Piff versus Eurowise

​Delgany NS, 5th class, County Wicklow, 07 November 2017

One day, Piff the Pufferfish was sorting through his hats. 

He was in the sea dump, at the end of the coral reef.

He realised he had lost his beautiful, brilliant, majestic fedora.

Thunder Boy’s Great Rescue

St Fiachra’s Junior National School, Beaumont, 2nd Class 06 November 2017

Thunder Boy was in St. Fiachra’s learning, then Thunder Man, his father who he was really scared of, came to school and used his lightning to electrocute the school.

Everyone started being mean to Thunder Boy because they thought he did it, but his father actually did it. He tried to tell everyone but they didn’t listen.

Then his best friend Super Bob tried to help Thunder Boy explain.  But then they thought Super Bob was on the bad side.

Pizza Pig

Dublin Book Festival, 04 November 2017

In Farmer Fred’s farm, there lived a hoola-hooping pig called Bubbles, who dreamed of running away from the farm. 

He wanted to run away to find the magical, portable pizza-fountain.

One day there was an alien potato invasion on the farm. Bubbles found his best friend, the imaginary dragon called Jeffrey, hopped on his back, and flew away from the farm.

Kelly's Story

St Vincents Primary School, County Cork, 27 October 2017

Once upon a time there was a demon called Kelly. Her best friend's name was a little dragon called Clumsy. 

Clumsy would always hide in Kelly's back-pack when she went to school. 

Kelly's family is evil, but she doesn't want to be like them. She doesn't really like school because she gets bullied. 

The Hobo of Kevinopolis

St Kevin’s NS, Tarahill, 5th class, County Wicklow, 26th October 2017

HOBO Joe cowered in his box from the rain, in the second biggest city in Jamaica.

Joe and Strudel the rabbit were in the back streets of Kevinopolis. They were cold in the rain.

“I have a bad feeling,” says Strudel.

Beware of the Butcher

St Benedict’s National School, Ongar, 5th Class, 26th October 2017

One day Bacon the pig was sleeping in the pigpen. There was a smell of manure in the air. 

After he woke up he took his first step and jumped into his mud bath.

He walked over to his best friend Steak the cow’s pen and saw him looking for his brother, Jeff. Jeff had been missing since the night before.

Detective BFFs

St Joseph’s National School, Longford, 4th Class, 25 October 2017

There was a once a girl called Emily who was secretly a detective.

She crept out of her window one night, hoping her parents wouldn't hear her.

Her motivation to be a detective was that she had seen a movie called Tom Baxter and wanted to solve crimes just like him.

The Giant Pigeonzilla and the Hole of Hand Sanitizer

Our Lady of Wayside, County Wicklow, 24 October 2017

One time there was a very young pigeon called Stephen. He was pretending to have a shower because he HATED cleaning homself but his mum said he had to be clean.

In the shower he found a button that, when he pressed it, opened up a secret passage-way.

The passage led into a secret lair, where there was a majestic, golden haired donkey, holding a potion.

Will He Do It Or Not?

St Francis Senior School, Priorswood, 6th Class, 24 October 2017

Once upon a time, there was a lonely kangaroo called Philip. He had abandoned by his family when he was younger.

Philip’s only friend was a dog called Fish. He lived in a cave in the mountains, outside Sydney in Australia. 

He ate purple pineapples for breakfast, dinner and tea.