Every morning, brilliant new stories are written by primary schoolchildren.They are all stored in our library (the stories, not the children). To read the stories and see the pictures, just click on the title or read more to view stories.

We also have stories from our other locations:  Cork, Conamara, Galway, Kerry, Mayo, NorthWest, Wicklow, and Wexford


St.Joseph’s National School, Longford, 4th Class, 19 October 2016

Once there was a man who was born with 51 eyes, named Mario. 

He was born in Scotland and was now 27 years old and tall. 

His best friend was Pinky, the pink chicken. 

The Adventures of Burger Man

St Patrick’s NS, Glencullen, County Wicklow, 4th Class, 18 October 2016 

Another day in Burger City. 

Burger Man and French Fry Guy are working in Burger Prince. All of a sudden, Ketchup the cowboy comes in on straw. 

He ducked behind the counter and says: “Ah ha! We meet again,” while stroking his cheese cat. 

The great battle of Piggyland

St Olivier Plunkett Special School,4th, 5th and 6th Class, 13th October 2016

A thousand years ago there was a dog with human legs and a human head called Billy Bob Joe. 

Billy Bob Joe was created in a secret lair in the middle of nowhere when a scientist mixed two potions together and a human dog was born. 

Billy Bob Joe was rich and owned a Lamborghini. 

Mr Carrot’s Biggest Fear

St Fiachra’s Junior National School, Beaumont, 2nd Class, 13 October 2016

Once there was a carrot called Mr Carrots. Every time he looked at children he got afraid and ran away.

One day, he ran away to his best friend’s house. 

His best friend was Max the Baby Dinosour.

Super Pizza Saves the World

​Blessington No 1 School, County Wicklow, 3rd Class, 12 October 2016

One day Super Pizza and Geoffrey the Potato were walking along the street. Geoffrey stepped in some bubble-gum.

“Oh No! I’ve ruined my flavouring” Geoffrey said. 

“Don’t worry I’ll help!” shouted Super Pizza.

The Wishing Pearl

​Navan Educate Together National School, 2nd Class, 10 October 2016 

One day Squiddy the Squid and his best friend Sticky the Stick Man were playing in the water and they saw Chocolate Chip the Cookie with an army of cookies. 

Chocolate Chip the Cookie lived in Chocolate Land under the sea. 

Bill’s amazing adventure

​Gorey ETNS, County Wicklow, 4th/5th Class 06 October 2016

One beautiful sunny morning in Mort’s pharmacy, Bill woke up to find that he was extraordinarily average. 

Bill realised that he needed some milk, so he walked over to the supermarket, Asda. 

When he walked out of the supermarket with his milk, he saw Donkey Hashtags having a fight with Trevor the Cow. 

Sophie the Booger Bomber

​Lacken NS, County Wicklow, 5th/6th Class, 5th October 2016

Sophie the troll and Jeff the Kangaroo go off on a nose-picking streak to Hawaii. 

Sophie climbs into Jeff’s pouch, and he jumps from Ireland all the way to Hawaii. 

“On the way,” Sophie says, 

The Invisible Hero

St Michael’s Boys’ National School, Longford, 4th Class, 5 October 2016

There once was a boy called Jack. One day he was at home playing video games and eating pizza. 

Two hours later, someone crashed through his window. It was a man made of stone.

“Why are people always crashing through my window?” Jack said.

The Revenge Of The Babies

​Donoughmore NS, County Wicklow, 2nd/3rd Class, 4th October 2016

DJ Baby was walking along the street when he slipped on a banana skin. While he was falling he met Baby Pants. 

“Hi Baby Pants, long time, no see!” said DJ Baby.

“Nice to see you!” said Baby Pants.

Frank’s Greatest Fear

​Scoil Thomáis, Castleknock, Dublin 15, 4th Class, 4 October 2016

Frank the Frog and Baldy the Orange were having lunch at McDonald’s. Frank went up to order more chips and, in the queue, he saw a pig. 

The pig was ordering a milkshake and a veggie burger when he dropped his money. Frank picked up the notes and tapped the pig on the shoulder.

“Here you go,” said Frank.

Bright Wishes, Dark Fears

Presentation Primary School, Warrenmount, Dublin 8, 3rd Class, 3 October 2016 

Once upon a time there was a unicorn named Rainbow. She wanted to see her best friend, Froggie the donkey. 

Rainbow hadn’t seen Froggie in a very long time. One day Froggie hopped along. 

“OMG Froggie - I haven’t seen you in ages! Where have you been?

Still Small

​Blessington no 1 NS, 4th Class, County Wicklow, 29 September 2016

“Hah, your fur is really long and sticky”, Tim the purple banana cackled. “You should really go to the hairdressers. Or have a shower!” 

“Well, you’re a mouldy apple!” Silver the Wolf cried angrily.

Then she let out a sob and ran back to her cave. 

Cassie’s Big Mistake

Presentation Primary School, George’s Hill, Dublin 7, 5th/6th Class, 29 September 2016

Once upon a time there was a girl called Cassie.  Her best friend was Frankie the Stunner. 

Cassie and Frankie were walking to school one Monday morning.

On the way to school they met two popular, mean girls.

Bob and Porky's Adventure

Nun’s Cross, Ashford, County Wicklow, 3rd/4th class, 28th September 2016

“G’day mate, my name is Bob the Blob and my greatest fear is to become a grapefruit.”

“Hello there! My name is Porky and I like jumping in mud. I also enjoy KFC and sausages.”

Bob and Porky were having this conversation in a patch of mud in Porky’s back yard.

Danny’s Wish

St Mary’s Boys National School, Maynooth, 3rd Class, 28 September 2016

One day, a huge turtle called Danny was swimming around the Barrier Reef. 

Danny went onto the beach and looked around. 

Someone threw a stick of dynamite and it landed right next to Danny! 

Bob The Dabasaurus

St Kevin’s, Tarahill NS, Gorey, County Wicklow, 5th Class, 27th September 2016

Bob woke up and was very fat. He went to check his weight again. 

He rolled down the stairs to get breakfast. He accidentally looked in the mirror and peed his pants. 

Bob was a t-rex but he had four legs and no arms. Bob rolled into the kitchen and poured himself some Lucky Charms.

World War V

Our Lady of Victories Boys National School, Ballymun, 6th Class, 26 September 2016

On a really sunny day, inside the kitchen, Anto the red tomato was chilling with his friend Ballymun Stevo in the fridge. 

They were talking about their arch-nemesis, Pepe the Pepper, who lived in the bottom of the freezer.

Pepe was in the bottom of the freezer, getting his army of frozen berries prepared to attack Anto and Stevo.

Spagettio goes to candyland

Bray School Project, County Wicklow, 2nd Class, 22nd September 2016

Spagettio the Meatball’s best friend was Honky the Donkey. 

They had been best friends for nine years, ever since they had met in a meatball shop called Meatball Al’s. 

They had both gone into the shop and bought chicken wings. 

Bob the Big Fat Dancing Robot

St Rose’s National School, Tallaght, 5th/6th Class, 22 September 2016 

Once upon a time there was a robot called Bob. 

Bob the robot could do the robot dance, but nobody liked it because it was annoying. 

Frownie the clown got annoyed with Bob when he danced because it was so embarrassing.

Meatball Madness

St Brigid’s, County Wicklow 5th Class, 21st  September 2016

Jim the Cyborg Meatball is going to Hollywood to get the Ultimate Moustached Muffin’s autograph. 

On his way through Mutated Meatball Kingdom he sees Sprinkles the Cupcake behind a lettuce bush crying sprinkles because Jam the Man-eating Seagull was threatening to eat her. 

Pat The Pillow's Evil Plot

St Coen’s, Rathnew, 6th Class, 20th September 2016 

Kevin the Cat and Cabbage Boy were running from Pat the Pillow. 

They were only a little bit ahead, and Pat the Pillow was throwing feathers at them. 

Kevin nearly ran in front of a car but Cabbage Boy pulled him back. 

A Bunch of icePhone Propaganda

Dublin 7 Educate Together National School, 6th Class, 19th September 2016

We find our hero, the Bluish Penguin, sitting on the couch eating a cookie and playing video games on the IceBox 7.932.

Suddenly the couch started to move and the penguin remembered he was on an iceberg. 

His half-eaten cookie fell into the water with a big splash.

Longnose The Gnome

St Patrick’s NS, Curtlestown, County Wicklow, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Class, 15th September 2016 

Longnose the gnome was helping an old lady gnome bring her apples into the house when he bumped into Fiery the Dragon. L

ongnose said “Who are you?” 

“Hi, my name is Fiery,” the dragon replied.

The Evil Potion

St. Fiachra’s Junior National School, 2nd Class, 15th September 2016

Once upon a time there was an evil Dr. Jelly Bean, who wanted to make a big army. 

He wanted to turn the world into a jelly bean. 

But then he realized he might need a friend for when he took over the world. 

Releasing The Beast

​Donoughmore NS, Donard, County Wicklow, 4th / 5th / 6th Class, 14th September 2016 

As Jim Bob walked through the forest with his horse he realised that something wasn’t right. Princess Fairy Lollipop was not in the nutshell where she lived. 

He heard a twig snap and looked around to see what was coming. 

Suddenly there was the roar of a chainsaw and a tree fell down in front of him, Jim Bob’s horse reared up in fright.

Jimmy and Mustard’s Adventure

St Mary’s Boys National School, Maynooth, 3rd Class, 14 September 2016 

Mustard the sausage and Jimmy the potato were at Croke Park watching the final. They were sitting in a box of chips in the top row of seats. 

A man was holding the box, and every time he reached for a chip, mustard and Jimmy dodged his hand.

“Jump out!” said Jimmy. 

The Adventures of Sprinkles and Unitato

St Fergal’s, County Wicklow, 5th Class, 13th September 2016

Sprinkles the unicorn was a unicorn. A long time ago in a faraway land, by the crystal clear waters, where Sprinkles lived, she woke up with a random desire to sneeze rainbows. 

She knew she had to find somebody to help her. Her best friend was the Unitato, who was half unicorn, half potato. She decided to go and ask him for help. 

Sprinkles went to the Cloudy City to find Unitato. She found him in the mall, drinking a Starducks. 

The Sad, Sad Unicorn

St Mary’s Boys National School, Rathfarnham, 5th Class, 13 September 2016 

Johnny the unicorn was on a dating website. He kept on clicking the reload button, and it kept saying ‘No Matches.’

“Why is this happening to me?” Johnny wondered. He was so angry he stabbed the laptop with his horn. 

The Zoo

Mount Anville Primary School, 4th Class, 12 September 2016

Hello, my name is George. I live in the wild. Today, while I was out eating leaves, I saw hunters try to take my mother. 

My brothers, sisters and I were worried.

We tried to help. We saved our mother and we ran away.