Every morning, brilliant new stories are written by primary schoolchildren.They are all stored in our library (the stories, not the children). To read the stories and see the pictures, just click on the title or read more to view stories.

We also have stories from our other locations:  Cork, Conamara, Galway, Kerry, Mayo, NorthWest, Wicklow, and Wexford


Pope John Paul II National School, Malahide, 4th Class, 29 February 2016 

DJ Oinkington the Pig and his best friend Goat the Sheep were at the beach. They were making a plot to break into Ikea. 

“Oh Goat,” said DJ Oinkington, “I’ve always wanted to live in Ikea.”

“Why don’t we just go when it’s open?” asked Goat the Sheep.

Banananot vs Chimpy

Fighting Words at St Patrick’s Cathedral
Gaelscoil na Mí, 3rd Class, 25 February 2016

Banananot, the monkey in a robot suit, was at school.

While the teacher was on his coffee break, Banananot was trying to stop Chimpy the Chimpanzee from stealing Piggy the Pig’s pencil.

Piggy was Banananot’s best friend. 

‘The Marshmallow Problem’

​Gaelscoil Bhaile Munna, 3rd Class, 25th February 2016

One day, Bob the Dragon bought every marshmallow in the world. But there was one problem. Marshie the talking marshmallow wanted those marshmallows herself, to draw faces on them. 
Marshie was on Bob’s back, flying through the air to go to the shop. When they got there, they found out there were no marshmallows left. Only five, that were out of date. The shopkeeper screamed with fear, because she had never seen a dragon in the shop before. 

The Mysterious Lightning Bolt

Scoil San Carlo, Leixlip, 4th Class, 24th February 2016

Once there was a little dog called Jimmy, who was struck by lightning in his bed room. 

A couple of days later, Jimmy woke up and when he had to run to school, he got there in an instant! Jimmy was so confused.

“What’s happening?” thought Jimmy. 

The Great Dog

​Ballyhaunis National School, 3rd Class, 23 February 2016 

One spring morning, Billy the bus driver was collecting the children to take them to school.  

After he dropped them at the school gates, he went back to the bus depot. 

He then jumped into his BMW, drove home and got Johnny his springer spaniel.

Felix and the Huntress

St Philip the Apostle JNS, Clonsilla, 2nd Class, 23 February 2016

Once upon a time, there lived a fox called Felix. He was a very poor fox. However, he also was a very smart fox.

Felix was a very good hunter for hunting food. When he was hunting, he saw his new friend, John the wolf.

“Hi, how are you doing?” asked John. 

Elliot's Acrobatic Friend

Training and Development Group, Central Remedial Clinic, Clontarf. 22nd February 2016

Once upon a time, Elliott the Astronaut met an acrobatic t-rex. Elliott was playing hurling and he hit the t-rex in the forehead with the sliotar. The t-rex was dazed. He said “I am going to kill you!” in a quiet squeaky voice. “Only messing, be friends with me.”
Elliott said, “I’m sorry for hitting the sliotar off your head. Are you playing here as well?”

Gizmo and the Neon Slug

St.Anne’s Loreto Primary School, Navan. 3rd Class, 22nd February 2016

Once upon a time, there was a flying chubby pig named Gizmo and he wanted to become a pink chubby sheep, but he couldn’t because he was too afraid of fur.

Gizmo thought to himself, “Maybe my friend Billy can help me become a chubby pink sheep!”

Gizmo walked over to Billy’s tiny little house and knocked on the door.

Annie’s Adventures

Dublin South Arch Club, 18 February 2016 

Annie lived in a small village at the edge of the kingdom. 

One day in the summer, it was really hot. Annie decided to go swimming. She wanted to ask her best friend Marley, who lived in the orphanage. 

Annie knocked on the door of the orphanage three times.

The Magic Jewel

St Colmcille’s Junior National School, Knocklyon. 2nd Class, 16th February 2016

One morning Snowy the Unicorn woke up and went outside to play. 

Just then there was a big earthquake. Snowy fell into a tunnel and when she reached the bottom she met her best friend Ricky the Rockstar Pig.

“What happened? Are you okay?” Snowy asked Ricky.

Banana Wars

St Fiachra’s Junior National School, Beaumont, 2nd Class, 15 February 2016

Once upon a time there was a Banana Man. He lived in a fruit bowl with his best friend, Dish. Dish was a half-donkey, half-fish. 

“Oh Dish,” said Banana Man. “How come you can swim without drowning and I can’t?”

“Nayyyyyyyyyyy!” neighed Dish.

Superwoman and Joe the Superdog

St Enda’s Primary School, Whitefriar Street, 2nd Class, 11 February 2016

In a beach house on the beach, Superwoman -  a hero who could turn herself into anything she wanted - was thinking about how she could help people. 

Superwoman thought, “I need to find out where Red Wizard lives!” 

Red Wizard was a villain and Superwoman’s worst enemy.

The Loss Of An Acrobat

​Enniskerry National School, 4th Class, 10 February 2016

Ginger the Acrobat went outside and met Scarlet the Acrobat. They became best friends.

The next day, the two friends got a letter from Mr Magic telling them that they could go to the Olympics (Mr Magic was a genie. He owned the circus that Scarlet and Ginger used to work in before they ran away).

Yummy Vs. Yucky

​Donabate Portrane Educate Together National School. 3rd Class, 9th February 2016

Daniel the Super-Spy Talking Donut was in a coffee shop. His day was going very well until he came across a policeman.
“I’d love a donut!”said the policeman. Daniel screamed “No! Not me!”.

The policeman pointed at Daniel and said “I will have that donut”.

The Toe Attack

St Joseph’s CBS, Fairview, 3rd-4th Class, 8th February 2016 

Once upon a time, John the M&M was in a bag of M&M’s. He was asleep and snoring. John’s sister Miley was the first to wake up. She had a plan to open up the bag and escape. 

Miley jumped on top of Jasper and told him, “Yo! Can you wake up all the M&M’s? Shake the bag to wake everybody up, so we can escape.”

John’s brother, Jasper, jumped up and down and woke all the M&M’s up.

Oh Boy! Oh Boy! It’s Chopsticks!

Montessori Education Centre, North Great George’s Street, 4th – 6th Class, 4 February 2016

Chopsticks the sparkly dog was running away from One Direction. He was looking for a hiding place. Next he jumped into a rubbish bin. 

Chopsticks did not know that he was leaving a trail of sparkly glitter. One Direction found him but as Harry Styles picked him up, Chopsticks woke from his nightmare. 

“Breakfast! Come down Chopsticks,” called his owner, Bill. 

Joe and the Giant Pig

St Fiachra’s Junior National School, Beaumont, 2nd Class, 3 February 2016 

Once upon a time there was a three-legged horse called Joe. He had a baby. 

Joe the three-legged horse met his friend, Flying Jack the rainbow pig. 

Flying Jack the rainbow pig was the superhero of doodling.

The Hungry Pigeon

St Philip the Apostle JNS, Clonsilla, 2nd Class, 1 February 2016

In an Italian city, there was a pizza called Patty Pizza. She loved her friend and came to his house every morning. 

Her best friend was called Cheesy Pizza and they were neighbours. 

One day, Patty Pizza told her friend her dream. 

Colm and the Plane

​Drumcondra National School, 4th, 5th and 6th Class, 26 January 2016 

It was Colm’s first time on an aeroplane, but he didn’t know he was on a plane. It was a dark dark night. Colm was at the window seat, but was too tall to fit in the aeroplane properly. 

Sylvia the medic, who was in the seat next to him - seat 47 - turned to him and said “Are you okay?”

“I’m a giraffe,” said Colm.

The Battle of the Bones

St.Anne’s Loreto Primary School, Navan, 3rd Class, 25th January 2016

Hello, my name is Bruno the Dog. My best friend is Joe the Cat. We met each other when I first moved in to 9 Candy Crescent.

One day I was digging in the garden when I found a whole pile of bones. They were gold bones!

But the dog next door stole them all.

Emile and Chewy’s Adventure

St Patrick’s Boys National School, Donabate, 4th Class, 21 January 2016

Emile was a kid who loved reading magazines about camels. He also loved eating chicken curry. Emile lived in a fantasy world called Imaginationland. 

Emile was also a footballer. One day, in the middle of training, he couldn’t concentrate because he was worried his pet potato would turn evil. 

Just before training, Emile had roasted the potato’s brother.

Evil Versus Good

St Francis of Assisi Primary School, Belmayne, 3rd Class, 18 January 2016

Joshua the superhero was in his castle. 

He was practicing his superpowers when a portal appeared. 

A girl with a purple cape and brown hair and green eyes came through the portal. 

Spots the Cheetah and Mr Fly

St Philip the Apostle JNS, Clonsilla, 2nd Class, 13 January 2016 

Once upon a time, there was a cheetah called Spots. Spots was the fastest cheetah in the world. He wished he could sleep all day because he was tired from running.

Spots had a best friend called Mr Fly the flying donkey. Once Mr Fly took Spots for a ride in the sky. 

Spots put a piece of a cloud in his bag. They landed in a forest and Spots put the cloud on a log.

Jimbo Saves the Day

Breaffy National School, 3rd Class, 12th January 2016

Squishy the marshmallow monster was sitting on a fudge log.  She was lost in the middle of the candy forest when suddenly she spotted a long chocolate river. 

The river reminded her of happier days and memories of swimming on Chocolannagh Lake near her home. 

Super Life of Superpowers

St Colmcille’s Junior National School, Knocklyon, 2nd Class, 12 January 2016

Once upon a time there was a gingerbread man called Gingy. He loved to go on walks and meet his friends. His best friend was Bob the marshmallow.

“Hi Bob, how are you doing?” said Gingy.

“I’m doing fine, thanks,” replied Bob.

Ice Cream Madrid

Virgin Mary Boys National School, Ballymun, 3rd Class, 11 January 2016 

Mr Chocolate the ice cream cone went to the football pitch at his school to play football. The other ice cream cones bullied him again. 

Mr Chocolate’s friend Mr Strawberry helped him. 

“Leave him alone!” said Mr Strawberry. “Would you like it if he was bullying you?”

Phil Vs Squirrel

St Mary’s Boys National School, Rathfarnham, 6th Class, 7 January 2016 

Once upon a time, there was a guy called Phil the Monk. He had a friend called Jim the Talking Cow. 

Once, when he was younger, Phil saw a squirrel coming up the toilet. 

Now he was afraid of squirrels.

The Rise of the Pope King

St.Fiachra’s Senior National School, Beaumont, 6th Class, 21st December 2015

Otto the Octopus is just an octopus who wants to become the Pope King of the Sea with the help of his sidekick, Otto Jr the squid.

To be a pope king means to live in Atlantis, to have the biggest mansion and to eat first of everything that the other fish catch.

The current Pope King is the merman called Merman.

Pop Star in New York

WALK, 17th December 2015

Patsy was at home practising. She was looking up music videos and lyrics. She was warming up her vocal chords by singing scales. 

She was always worried about getting a throat infection so she looked after her throat by drinking Lemsip. 

Patsy’s best friend was an actor called Lesley who lived in LA.

Jack and Sluggie’s Adventures

​Scoil Mhuire Boys National School, Griffith Ave. 2nd Class, 17th December 2015

Once upon a time, in a town that no one ever knew lived a boy named Jack who was 13. His best friend was Sluggie the Slug Monster.

Jack said to Sluggie, “I wished we had a jetpack so that you could fly.” 

Sluggie shouted, “YEEESSSSSSS!”