Every morning, brilliant new stories are written by primary schoolchildren.They are all stored in our library (the stories, not the children). To read the stories and see the pictures, just click on the title or read more to view stories.

We also have stories from our other locations:  Cork, Conamara, Galway, Kerry, Mayo, NorthWest, Wicklow, and Wexford

Case Closed

Fighting Words at St Patrick’s Cathedral, Burrow National School, Sutton, 5th Class, 24 April 2015
Frederick the unfair judge was in his courtroom.

“Case closed!” he shouted.

Frederick was shouting at the lawyer of a family whose car had been speared by Jeff the unicorn.

Frank and the Amazing Superalien

St.Philip the Apostle Junior National School, 2nd Class, 23rd April 2015
Once upon a time, there was a human who turned into a blue alien with four legs and three eyes. He was called Frank.

One day, far out in space, another human went to Mars and turned into a green alien with super powers.  His name was Superalien.

Frank saw Superalien’s spaceship.  Frank wanted to eat bread with Superalien in his spaceship kitchen.

Chubster’s Adventure

Donabate Portrane Educate Together National School, 3rd Class, 22 April 2015
It was just a normal day in the supermarket. Chubster the chubby marshmallow was in his house in Bag-Town.

Chubster was hiding from his enemy, Billy the Evil Banana. This was because once before Chubster had been captured by Billy.

My Secret Crush

Assumption Girls National School, Walkinstown, 5th Class, 17th April 2015
I’ve been here for years and this is why I want to tell you my story.

My name is Frederick but everyone calls me Freddy. Just to let you know, I’m a fridge. My favourite food for my owner to put in me is Freddo chocolate bars.

My biggest fear is that my family will move away and I’ll be all on my own with rats, if the family leave the house.

Insert Really Good Title Here

Gaelscoil Chluain Meala, Clonmel, 5th Class, 16th April 2015
Far far away in another dimension, a cup of coffee came out of nowhere.

Fluffy the Pandacorn and Freddie the Fish jumped into the cup of coffee and then Timmy the evil baby with a moustache that shoots lasers jumped in after them.

Timmy jumped after them because he owns a muffin shop and they stole muffins from him.


St.Mary’s Primary School, Dublin 7, 6th Class, 16th April 2015
Jeff had a nightmare that she was riding a bike. Jeff was half-woman, half-chicken. Riding a bike reminded Jeff of her past.

Jeff woke up and called her friend Chicky the Chicken Nugget.

“Seriously? Why did you call me in the middle of the night? What do you want?” Chicky screamed.

Ballistic Banana Day

St. Mary’s Christian School, Clonmel, 4th Class, 15th April 2015
There once was a half human, half monkey called Amazing Monkey Man.

He had a best friend who was called Jeff The Coffee Cup. He sprayed coffee out of his hands.

Amazing Monkey Man wants a banana planet, but the ones that can see it are apes and monkeys.

Fruit Bang

Belgrove Junior Boys School, Clontarf, 1st Class, 15th April 2015
In a city, which was a fruit bowl, there was a banana named Bananaman. 

He found his friend, Appleman, who also lived in the fruit bowl.

Bananaman and Appleman could read each others’ minds, so they did not have to talk.

The Lost Powers

Sisters of Charity National School, Clonmel, 5th Class, 14th April 2015
One day, Puddles the Super-Frog went back in time and Eggy the Evil Eagle took his superpowers.

Then Eggy put the superpowers in the golden super-puddle.

Cheesy the Mouse is Puddles’s best friend. While Puddles was at his house, Cheesy goes to see Eggy the Evil Eagle.

Ice Versus Fire

St.Colmcille’s Junior School, Knocklyon, 2nd Class, 13th April 2015
Once upon a time there was a man made of ice. His name  was Mr Ice.

Mr Ice lived in a small town, called Town of Ice – the town was really an iceberg. His best friend was the Ice King.

The king lived in an ice castle on the top of a hill. One day the two friends were chatting about finding the shining ice cube.

The Adventures of Potato Man

Donabate Portrane Educate Together National School, 3rd Class, 24th March 2015
As Planet Tayto was being destroyed, Potato Man was the second to last potato of his kind.

Potato Man was put in a pod while Potato Girl was put in a different pod. They both landed in different houses.

The house that Potato Man landed in was Chocolate Girl’s house.

The Hot Dog Family

St.Francis Junior National School, Priorswood, 2nd Class, 23rd March 2015
One week ago there was a dog in the park in Malahide.

His name was Hot-dog Dog. After he came home, he saw another dog in his garden. The two dogs got married!

The best man was Bob the Monkey.

Bossy Boss Strikes Again

St.Laurence’s Junior National School, 2nd Class, 20th March 2015
Once there was a man called Bossy Boss who lived in a house. He was lonely so he got a dog called Woofer to help him do his jobs.

But then, he made a robot called Bobby to help him instead. He put Bobby on fast mode.

Then one night Bossy Boss had a dream of taking over the Universe.

Mission to Find a Flying Motorbike

Pope John Paul II National School, Malahide, 3rd Class, 18 March 2015
Berry the Strawberry was drinking a chocolate milkshake in the the Cloudy Cafe.

Suddenly, she remembered she was off chocolate for Lent. She left her milkshake at the cafe and flew back home.

The Cloudy Cafe was on a cloud, so Berry the Strawberry could fly there.

The Golden Quest

St.Declan’s National School, Ashbourne, 4th Class, 16th March 2015
Long long ago, there was a half-human, half-bird called Anbhas.

Anbhas used to be a normal human, until the Evil Magic Pig turned her into half-human, half-bird. She actually liked the new change because this meant she could fly.

“Thanks, Evil Magic Pig.” she thought to herself.


Fighting Words at Halla Ceann Trá, Scoil Ceann Trá, 3rd – 6th Class, 12th March 2015
This is the story about an alien who has never been to space.

Tiny Tim had been afraid of soccer players ever since he got hit in the face by his best friend Bobby Bender, when Bobby bent it like Beckham.

Tiny Tim was having a bad day. The rocket had taken off without him.

Superboy to the Rescue

St.Patricks Junior National School, Corduff, 2nd Class, 12th March 2015
Once upon a time there was a supergirl called X-ray Girl. She had x-ray vision.

X-Ray Girl used to be a normal girl but one day she was struck by lightning and she got super powers. She could see through buildings and bodies.

X-Ray Girl’s best friend was a boy with super powers. His name was Ryan.

The Beard’s Adventure

Tyrrelstown, Educate Together NS, 4th Class, 11th March 2015
“I hope I don’t get shaved off today!” said Barry.   

Barry was a talking beard and he was talking to his best friend, Nosey, the talking nose.

“You’re lucky - you never get shaved off. Quit complaining!” Nosey replied.

Wolfie the Wolfman

Old Borough School, Swords, 1st and 2nd Class, 9th March 2015
Once upon a time there was a wolfman named Wolfie. 

He had some fears that no one  knew about.  He wanted a family because he never had one.

There was a goblin named Aklo who lived in a cave and was very grumpy.

The Adventures in Bananatopia

St Damian’s National School, 5th Class, 4 March 2015
Jeff the Wrestler was fighting in a wrestling match against a giant Coco-Pop called Toshiba.

Toshiba knocked him out, again. Jeff wasn’t a very good wrestler.

When Jeff the Wrestler walked into his dressing room after the match, he looked for his best friend Jeffrey the Horse. Jeff looked into the mirror and got a fright. He smashed the mirror and fell in!

Bobby and Max

St.Francis of Assisi Primary School, Belmayne, 3rd Class, 3 March 2015
Maxsnufflekins, who was a very old man, lived in Paris. He lived very far away from his mother because he was afraid of her.

One day, Maxsnufflekins was in a cafe drinking a hot chocolate when one of the marshmallows said, “Stop! Don’t eat me!”

Maxsnufflekins looked down in surprise. The marshmallow said, “Do you want to be my friend?”

Cyborg Shark Rules the World

Scoil Iosgain, Crumlin, 4th & 5th Class, 26th February 2015
Cyborg Shark hangs out in the water, very close to the coast of a huge factory.

Cyborg Shark is half robot, half shark.  An evil scientist who once ruled the world invented Cyborg Shark.

 The Cyborg Killer Whale hunts all day and sleeps all night.

Baseball? In Ireland?

St.Mary’s Parish Primary School, Drogheda, 6th Class, 25th February 2015
The plane took off from JFK airport New York and Jeff thought he might never see America again. It was a day of new life.

He was very tired so he fell asleep and he had a dream that he could bring the love of baseball to Ireland. It was a dream he might never wake up from.

When he did wake up he was in Dublin Airport.

The Soup Story

Scoil Áine Naofa, Lucan, 5th Class, 24 February 2015
Long ago in the Dinosaur Age, there lived Pigzilla the Dinosaur-Pig.  

Pigzilla was the king of all.  He ruled the world with Terry the Turtle at his side.  

One day, when he was out in the wood picking apples, Pigzilla was captured and put in a big bowl of soup.

A Magical Day

Holywell Educate Together National School, Swords, 3rd Class, 18th February 2015
Once upon a time, a baker made Kim the Giant Cookie. She was two metres long.

Kim went off on a long journey and she met Porky, the magical flying pig.

Porky the Flying Pig was flying up in the sky when Kim the Giant Cookie met him.

The Horrifying Sweets

Holywell Educate Together National School, Swords, 4th Class, 17th February 2015
On the 31st October, Fred the guinea pig was sitting in a field. 

He was bored and thought about his life.

Fred saw some children trick-or-treating. A pancake with legs fell out of one of the children’s bags and walked over to Fred.

Stringman’s Adventure

St Philip the Apostle JNS, Clonsilla, 2nd Class, 16th February 2015
Once there was a man called Stringman.

A woman had knitted this man out of string. Stringman had a best friend called Colourful Man.

The woman had coloured him in, like a rainbow.

The Food World

St.Colmcille’s Junior School, Knocklyon, 2nd Class, 12th February 2015
A long, long time ago, in a castle in Mexico, King Josh the burnt chip lived beside his best friend, Molly the waffle.

King Josh was getting ready to go on his quest to find the Giant Jar of Pickles. He packed a rope, a hat, some scuba diving gear, a saddle, some sunglasses, a small jar of pickles and some sausages.

Molly knocked on the castle door.