Every morning, brilliant new stories are written by primary schoolchildren.They are all stored in our library (the stories, not the children). To read the stories and see the pictures, just click on the title or read more to view stories.

We also have stories from our other locations:  Cork, Conamara, Galway, Kerry, Mayo, NorthWest, Wicklow, and Wexford

Bella’s Dream

Presentation Primary School, Warrenmount, 3rd Class, 11th  February 2015
Bella was a gymnastics dancer and her best friend, Katie, was a majorette.

One day they met at the park. They were just hanging out and having a chat.

“Do you like to do gymnastics?” asked Bella.

Rosie’s Daydreams

Our Lady Immaculate National School, Darndale, 3rd Class, 5th February 2015
One day Rosie was in school.  She saw her best friend, Tyrone, and they walked to school together. 

As they walked to class, a little spark came out of Rosie’s finger.

“What happened?” said Tyrone.

Mr Murph and the Great Kidnapping

Pope John Paul II National School, Malahide, 4th Class, 4 February 2015
Once upon a time, there was a pig named Mr Murph. He was found in Starbucks by a zebunicorn.

When the President of the USA came in, the Pink Bandit took the him hostage so the FBI couldn’t find him.

The Pink Bandit was two girls who became one when they put their necklaces together.

Extreme Friends

St. Lorcan’s Boys National School, Palmerstown, 3rd Class, 3rd February 2015
A long time ago, there lived a donkey. He lived in a stable, and the stable door was always open.

One day, the donkey saw some people skateboarding. They were bullies and they stuck a skateboard to the donkey’s feet. They laughed at the donkey for ages.

The skateboard became part of the donkey and he used it to go and get pizza every day. One day, the donkey did a backflip, and suddenly the skateboard started talking!

The Spell

St. Vincent de Paul Girls Primary School, 2nd Class, 2nd February 2015
Ms Unicorn was at flying lessons with her class.

All of the other unicorns could fly except her and her friend, Mr Unicorn.

Ms Unicorn was so sad that she couldn’t fly, all she could do was eat marshmallows.

Smelly Elly Strikes Again

St Attracta’s National School, Charlestown, Co. Mayo, 4th – 6th Class, 30 January 2015
One cold morning, Mr Dingle was reading the newspaper and drinking onion juice in his cramped apartment.

“SMELLY ELLY STRIKES AGAIN!!! Robbery at the Museum of Country Life!” was the front page story.

Marcus the Monkey burst into the apartment, throwing sparkles all over the room.

Billy Bob Joe’s Wild Adventure

St. Brigid’s National School, Castleknock, 3rd Class, 28th January 2015
One day Billy Bob Joe was on a walk. He was in the park closest to his house writing down his greatest wish – for it to rain gummi bears.

But then he bumped into his worst nightmare – his mam.

“What are you doing out so late at night!” his mam shouted, throwing her hands up in the air like a wacky person.

The Talking Food Adventures

St. Fiachra’s JNS, Beaumont, 2nd Class, Tuesday 27th January 2015
Once upon a time there was a talking Pie.

There was also an Ice Cream who became her friend. The talking Pie once got stuck in a cookie jar and the Ice Cream helped her out.

The Pie said, “Thank you for saving me. I might have died!”

Scully Blackbird

St. Enda’s National School, Whitefriar Street, 2nd & 3rd Class, 22nd January 2015
A long, long time ago, in a very scary, dark place, a witch named Ringo lived in a cave in the woods.

Every day Ringo’s best friend, Scully the blackbird, came to visit her.

Scully would sit on her shoulder and they would talk about making potions.

You’re Not Crispy No More!

St Patrick’s Boys National School Drumcondra, 4th Class, 21st January 2015
This story is about Timothy the table top cleaner. Timothy was from Derpville and lived underground on a table.

World War Hot Dog was happening. Harry Hotdog was leading the hot dog army against Timothy’s cheesy minions.

Harry Hotdog had extra mustard and ketchup on him, which made him extra dangerous.

When I was a Plant

St. Rose’s National School, Tallaght, 5th and 6th Class, Monday 19th January 2015
Carlo was a happy plant. He was small because he needed more water.

He lived in a field in Portugal. Ever since he started to grow he wanted to be a real boy.

He watched all the kids playing in the nice sun in the field.

The Mystery

North Dublin Muslim National School, 5th and 6th Class, 14th January 2015
Once upon a time on a  stormy night, in a dark cave, a supervillian called Bob was born.

Twenty years later, three people were in the cave: Bob, his brother Sam and his best friend Ellie the Vampire.

Mr Carrot’s Great Adventure

Catherine McAuley School, 2nd and 3rd Class, 13th January 2015
Once upon a time, a Mr Carrot and his wife were going to Mrs Potato’s pool party in the kitchen sink.

Then Mr Carrot’s wife’s eyes went red and she tried to eat him. Mr Carrot jumped out of the way and she ate his brother by accident.

“Yes! He’s gone!” said Mr Carrot.

How To Train Your Fly

Lindsay Road National School, Glasnevin, 5th and 6th Class, 7 January 2015
Ralph woke up to his alarm clock going off. He was having a bad dream - the  homeless man in the park was kidnapping him.

He threw on his grubby shorts and t-shirt. Ralph didn’t have a matching pair of socks so he wore odd socks under his sandals.

Lucy Lou Lemon vs. Annabelle

St.Columba’s National School, Glasnevin, 3rd Class, 17th December 2014
When Annabelle walked down the hall in her designer clothes, all the other children had to turn and face the wall or they would get wedgies from Annabelle’s brother, John.

But one girl did not turn to face the wall - the new girl, Lucy Lou Lemon.

Looking for a Friend

St.Oliver Plunkett National School, Monkstown, 3rd – 6th Class, 8th December 2014
Spider Monkey and his best friend Peely the Talking Banana were playing poker with their arch nemesis, Crowster the talking bird.

Before I tell you the end we have to go back to the start where it all happened...

Christmas Chaos

Maynooth Educate Together National School, 6th Class, 4th December 2014
Chubby the walrus and KFC the chicken were creeping up on Rudolph at Santa’s HQ, AKA the North Pole.

They almost had him when suddenly...

Mustache Mania

Presentation Girls School, 4th Class, 2nd December 2014
Rocky the Rock lived at a beach. His only friend, who was his best friend, was Stella the Stone. He had a pet turtle called Banana.

Rocky loved his turtle more than bananas. His worst enemy was Penny the Pebble.

Mr. Chewy Chews Again

St. Fiachra’s JNS, Beaumont, 2nd Class, 2 December 2014
It all began when Mr Chewy came alive. Mr Chewy loved to bite. He liked to go around biting people on the arm.

One day, Mr Moustache Marshmallow was walking in the park, when he saw Mr Chewy.

The Big Plan

St.Patrick’s Junior National School, Corduff, 2nd Class, 1st December 2014
Once upon a time there was a terrified vampire. He had a pet stregasaurus.

The terrified vampire was called Albert. He lived with Mr Inky Pinky Ghost.