Every morning, brilliant new stories are written by primary schoolchildren.They are all stored in our library (the stories, not the children). To read the stories and see the pictures, just click on the title or read more to view stories.

We also have stories from our other locations:  Cork, Conamara, Galway, Kerry, Mayo, NorthWest, Wicklow, and Wexford

Piggy Madness

St Mary’s Boys National School, Maynooth, 2nd Class, 17 June 2015 
Once upon a time, Piggy Policeman was in his house. 

He was thinking about his job. He was thinking about arresting the chicken called Mr. McMonkey.

Mr. McMonkey had robbed the Banana Bank and he had robbed the bananas from Piggy Policeman’s fridge. 

Fins or Feathers

St Brigid’s Girls National School, Glasnevin, 5th Class, 16 June 2015 
Once upon a time, there was a uni-penguin who lived on a uni-farm. His name was Bob and he wanted to be a full unicorn. Bob’s mum was a penguin and his dad was a unicorn. 

Bob was very sad most of the time because the other full unicorns picked on him. Only his best friend Wilfred the moustache understood him. 

“I’ve had enough of the other unicorns’ jokes about me!” said Bob.

City of Love

​SWICN, 15 June 2015
“It was exactly two years ago when I met the love of my life”, Selena said to her sister Glitter. 

Two years earlier...

I was walking the streets of Paris and I bumped into this person and dropped my books onto the ground. 

A Sticky Situation

St Bernadette’s Senior National School, Quarryvale, Clondalkin, 5th Class, 15 June 2015 
Once upon a time, Happy was storming a tower. But the guards were not very happy with Happy the Cat.

The guards tried to chase Happy, but they fell. His friend Sugar the Gummy Bear came to the rescue.

“Thanks that really helped me back there!” said Happy to Sugar the Gummy Bear. 

Gerald the Headless Chicken

St Helen’s Senior National School, Portmarnock, 5th Class, 11 June 2015 
Gerald the headless chicken was in a barn. He was born without a head. 

Gerald decided to go to KFC. After he left KFC and was walking down the road, he found Benedict the Burger Boy in a box. 

Gerald and Benedict combined themselves to create a chicken burger.

Adventures of Jake and Banter

St.Patricks Boys National School, Donabate, 4th Class, 9th June 2015
Once upon a time there were five wolf superheroes. A guy came over to their house and told them to fight for the universe. 

The next day, the superheroes prepared to fight. 

Jake the Superhero Wolf said, “No, I’ll go on my own.” He was going to fight against evil cats but first he had to eat some Nandos.

Polly and Squirt’s Great Adventure

St.Eithne’s Girls National School, Edenmore, 5th Class, 8th June 2015
There once was a fish named Polly. Polly couldn’t swim! She met a turtle named Squirt. Squirt was swimming past her, saw her and felt sorry for Polly because she couldn’t swim.

Since then, Squirt always gave Polly rides on his shell and they became best friends.

Polly’s fear was being eaten by Seán the Shark. 

Meatball Madness

​Howth Midsummer Literary Festival, 6 June 2015
One day Marc the Meatball was in New York with Polly the Popcorn. 

Marc the Meatball asked Polly the Popcorn if she wanted to go to a restaurant.

While they were eating their dinner, their clothes got stolen. 

Bobby and the Bad Barber

Burrow National School, Sutton, 4th Class, 5 June 2015
One day, Bobby the Disco Elephant bumped into The Hairy Heroes. 

“Hey, join the club!” said the Hippo Harry, the leader of the gang. 

“You need to a test first, snip snip,” said Filbert the Hairy Crab.

Samantha’s New Puppy

​Croí Ro Naofa Junior National School, Tallaght, 2nd Class, 5th June 2015
Samantha was a princess who lived in a magical castle in Ireland. 

She had magical powers so that she didn’t ever have to make her own food.

She had a magical unicorn named Jodi, who was made out of candy.


​Rathmichael School, Shankill, 6th Class, 4th June 2015
Potato the Potato was bullied by mice in monocles. The mice were mean. It wasn’t his fault that he couldn’t be in their monocle club, because he didn’t have a monocle. 

The mice were working for Bill Gates. They always threatened to mash him and put him in a stew. Luckily his best friend, Susan the Strawberry, was there to comfort him. 

Potato the Potato had become friends with Susan the Strawberry when she stopped a fight between him and Oisin the Orange.

Waddling to War

Lindsay Road National School, 3rd and 4th Class, 2nd June 2015
A wizard named Joe lives in a cave wth a bunch of books and rats. 

But far across the world lies his evil nemesis, Evil Rock. The evil rock was planning to take over Joe’s cave.

Joe was on the phone with Evil Rock, and the evil rock asked: “What’s your name?”

Glitz n Glam

Presentation Primary School, George’s Hill, Halston Street, Dublin 7, 6th Class, 27 May 2015
It was a glamorous night at the party. Felicia was the most beautiful drag queen in Florida. 

She was so gorgeous that everyone was staring at her. She saw her best friend, Becky the diva, and walked over to say hi. 

As Felicia walked over to Becky, someone stepped on the back of her dress.

The Jamaican Dream

St. Mary’s Boys National School, Maynooth, 5th Class, 26th May 2015
It was a regular day at home and Bob, the piece of Jamaican chicken, was cooking. 

Suddenly, Zlatan the ponytail came flying through the window and said, “My name is Zlatan!”

Zlatan told Bob about a dragon called Dorcha and his sidekick, Jim the Ninja. 

Pinky and the Evil Shoe

​Belgrove Infant Girls’ School, Clontarf, 1st Class, 21 May 2015
One day there was a cupcake with a magical cherry called Pinky. 

She had an imaginary friend who she wanted to come true.

Pinky’s magical cherry that made the whole village happy.

The Rise of the Potato Lord

St Malachy’s Boys National School, Raheny, 20 May 2015
Once upon a time there was a boy called Jeff. He was walking along a lake when he met a crocodile. 

The crocodile was called Swagtubby. Jeff jumped up and screamed, “AAAAHHHH!” 

Swagtubby then went up to Jeff and said, “Hi, my name is Swagtubby, what’s yours?”

Monkey Mayhem

St.Kilian’s National School, Mullagh, 5th Class, 19th May 2015
Once upon a time, an alien lived in a shoe. He had chainsaw arms and his best friend was a zombie with candyfloss arms.

They could never shake hands.

The alien’s name was Jeff and Jeff liked living in his shoe because it was very comfortable.

The Quest to Find Chocolate

San Carlo Senior National School, Leixlip, 4th Class, 18th May 2015
Splinkadonk and Tom the talking shoe lived on an unfound planet near Earth.

Tom the talking shoe and Splinkadonk decided to steal Earth’s chocolate and bring it back to their planet for food.

They had been planning it for weeks and then they flew there in a rocket. The rocket crashed on the moon.

The adventure of Meep and Bob

Holy Child Boys National School, Larkhill, 4th Class, 14th May 2015
Meep the squirell and Bob the pigeon were going for a walk and they saw their greatest enemy the giant toilet.

They climbed up the side of the toilet and then they fell in. They went through to a magical land.

They went to the other side of a rainbow and they found skittles.

Tim the Unusual Baby

All Saints National School, Blackrock, 4th, 5th and 6th Class, 13th May 2015
​Once upon a time in New York, Tim, the baby who rules the world, was drinking a bottle of milk. 

Tim was at a Dictator Conference with other dictators, explaining to them that they were horrible because they were all too nice. 

Tim heard someone whispering in the crowd, “Did you know Tilly the talking teddy has a crush on Tim the baby dictator?” 

The Book Whisperer

St. Helen’s Senior National School, Portmarnock, 5th Class, 12th May 2015
Once upon a time, there was a boy named Anthony. Anthony went to a bookshop and found a really cool looking book, randomly sitting on the shelf.

When he brought the book home, he started to write in it and what he wrote came to life.

Lots of thoughts rushed through Anthony’s head and he wondered if he was dreaming.

The Super Fantastic Adventure of Joe and Fred

St.David’s Boys National School, Artane, 3rd & 4th Class, 11th May 2015
Once upon a time there was a man called Joe. He lived in a haunted village. He never took his tuxedo off – he even slept in it!

He had met Fred the gullible squirrel, his best friend, in a tree. Joe had climbed the tree because he was afraid of shadows (the village was full of shadows).

Joe saw Fred the squirrel and asked him why he was up the tree.

Nidge and the Toilet

Our Lady of Victories Boys School, Ballymun, 6th Class, 7th May 2015
Nidge the donkey was trapped in the zoo. He attacked the zookeeper and stole his uniform.

A kid wanted a balloon but there were none left, so he got angry and threw a chicken nugget at Nidge, the zookeeper.

Nidge was about to eat the chicken nugget, but suddenly it beeped.

The Mysterious Spaceship

Gardiner Street Primary School, 3rd Class, 6th May 2015
In 2011, there was a battle and the cyborgs won the battle.

There was a cyborg boy named The Annihilator. He wanted to find a spaceship so that he could go into outer space to find his crush.

His crush’s name was Lucy. Lucy was also a cyborg. She had a half-human, half-robot face with one red eye just like The Annihilator.


Our Lady of Victories Girls’ School, Ballymun Road, 6th Class, 5th May 2015
Lucy was moving into her new house. She was putting boxes into the attic and she discovered a doll. The doll was in a dusty, dirty, damaged box.

The doll had blue eyes and brown plaits. She also had a scar on her face and her baby pink dress was stained.

Lucy collected dolls and she said, “Ooh, that’s pretty!”

One Small Step for Larry, One Giant Leap for Bob.

Notre Dame Junior School, Churchtown, 6th Class, 30th April 2015
There once was a dinosaur named Bob who had superpowers, and his biggest dream was to build a rocket and go to space.

He went to the space people to ask to be an astronaut, but they said that it was never going to happen because he was too big.

Bob began to get really frustrated, and started using his lazer eyes and roared, “Grrr, I want to go to space!”

The Jeff and Derfy Adventures

Old Borough School, Swords, 3rd & 4th Class, 27th April 2015
One day Jeff, who was a normal kid, went out to feed the ducks and realised one of them could talk.

Jeff thought he was hallucinating but the duck was actually talking.

“You have magical powers”, said the duck to Jeff. “Am I dreaming?” thought Jeff.

Case Closed

Fighting Words at St Patrick’s Cathedral, Burrow National School, Sutton, 5th Class, 24 April 2015
Frederick the unfair judge was in his courtroom.

“Case closed!” he shouted.

Frederick was shouting at the lawyer of a family whose car had been speared by Jeff the unicorn.

Frank and the Amazing Superalien

St.Philip the Apostle Junior National School, 2nd Class, 23rd April 2015
Once upon a time, there was a human who turned into a blue alien with four legs and three eyes. He was called Frank.

One day, far out in space, another human went to Mars and turned into a green alien with super powers.  His name was Superalien.

Frank saw Superalien’s spaceship.  Frank wanted to eat bread with Superalien in his spaceship kitchen.

Chubster’s Adventure

Donabate Portrane Educate Together National School, 3rd Class, 22 April 2015
It was just a normal day in the supermarket. Chubster the chubby marshmallow was in his house in Bag-Town.

Chubster was hiding from his enemy, Billy the Evil Banana. This was because once before Chubster had been captured by Billy.