Every morning, brilliant new stories are written by primary schoolchildren.They are all stored in our library (the stories, not the children). To read the stories and see the pictures, just click on the title or read more to view stories.

We also have stories from our other locations:  Cork, Conamara, Galway, Kerry, Mayo, NorthWest, Wicklow, and Wexford

The Day the Hippy Pig Strikes

St. Patrick’s Primary School,P 6, 15th March 2013
Once upon a time, Bob the Hippy was hanging out in his hippy van which was parked outside his best friend’s house.

Jack, the Garbage Blob lived in the dump. They were planning to go into town to buy some clothes, because the hippy shop was closing down.

Super Disco Party Time!

Donabate-Portrane Educate Together National School, 3rd Class, 12 March 2013
One day in the City of Weirdness, where everyone wears stripey socks, Bob the dancing avocado invited Chubby the Pig to a disco party at his house.

“Chubby, you are invited to a disco party at my house!” said Bob.

Tripp’s wish

St. Teresa’s Primary School, 12 March 2013, P 5, 6 and 7 
Once upon a time, there was a boy called Tripp.

He was a very clumsy boy. He always tripped over his feet. He lived with his granny. The granny smelled of roses. 

A Stickee Situation

San Carlo Senior National School, Leixlip, 4th Class, 11 March 2013
It all started when Professor Stickee was at home working on an experiment.

He was eating cold chips from last night. Suddenly, his experiment blew up and his chips went on fire.

The Perfect Plumber

St. Malachy’s Primary School, 11th March 2013, 6th Class
One day, Pete was cursed by both a wizard and a witch to be a plumber until the day he managed to fix the plumbing of his 10,000th customer. 

He hated plumbing so much he had nightmares about it. 

Snowy the Amazing Horse

St.Ultan’s Special School, Navan, Co. Meath, 8th March 2013
Snowy, the white horse, was in her stable eating lunch.

She was having hay, carrots and apples. After she finished eating, Snowy saw that the door had been left open. She ran away from the farm and into a forest.

Taking over the World!!!

St. Fiachra’s Junior School, Beaumont, 2nd Class, 5th March 2013, Illustrations by Katie Bartrand
Once upon a time there was a ghost bride called Zarella.

She was from a place called the Underworld and she lived with her best friend Bananas the monkey.

The Wimpy Ninja

Navan Educate Together, Navan, 3rd and 4th Class, 28th February 2013
Yang was on a mission to kidnap a rich man named Cho.

He didn’t want to carry out the mission because it was wrong.  Yang agreed to go, though, because he needed money.

Steve and the Oreo

St. Fiachra’s Junior National School, Beaumont, 2nd Class, 27th February 2013
Steve the secret agent (who is also a dog) is on a secret mission to save the world from an army of giant alien cookies.

At the moment, he is at a meeting of secret agents in their secret hideout. They are planning what they are going to do to stop these giant alien cookies.

Christie’s Wish

St. Francis Junior National School, Priorswood, 2nd Class, 26th February 2013
One wet day in the ugly forest next to the beach - where it was summer - Christie the talking dog’s best friend Tom was looking through boxes of kitty litter.

Christie had arrived off the plane from England to Los Angeles for a visit.

Bow Down To Me

Our Lady of Mercy Convent School, Booterstown, 4th Class, 21st February 2013
Coconut the monkey was at home in his tree.  He was having the same nightmare again -  he was being tackled by an army of colouring pencils. 

It Wasn’t Me

Kildalkey National School, 6th Class, 20th February 2013
“Jim, don’t you dare do that again,” said Miss McElmore.

Miss McElmore was the third year English teacher and always had a temper in the mornings.  This was bad for Jim because he had her class in the mornings.

Brothers Day Out

Primary School at ChildVision, 18th February 2013
It was time to go to school, but Henry was still in bed. He was very lazy. “Get up lazybones!” yelled his mother.

“You’re going to be late for school.” Henry’s brother Michael was already up and ready to go.

Roby gets the girl

Scoil FhursaCoolock, 2nd Class, 12th February 2013
The boxing robot called Roby was afraid that when he was travelling, his enemy would cross with him.

His enemy was a vicious kickboxing kangaroo. He came from the west side of Australia. 

The Secrets of the World

Virgin Mary Boys National School, Ballymun, 3rd and 5th Class, 7 February 2013
There once was a boy called Martin. He had monster hands and monster scales all over his body.

Many years ago, he had entered a radioactive room and when he woke up the next morning, his hands had gotten bigger. They had big, long nails and the scales on his body were red and green.

Alfie and his girlfriend

St. Brigid’s National School, Glenmakee, Carndonagh, 7th February 2013
Once upon a time on a farm in Co. Kerry, Australia, there lived a Jack Russel named Alfie.

Alfie was running from an Evil pig called Bacon who was in his sausage-mobile. One day, a man was driving around in his van when he saw the stray dog Alfie.

Cupcake and Her Dream

St. Fiachra’s JNS Beaumount 2nd Class,4 February 2013
Cupcake was a kitten. She was a grey cat with a pink nose. Every night she would wander off in the dark because she liked going for walks. 

Cupcake loved to look at the fancy houses. One day she hoped to live in one of them.

The Ones That Got Away

Mother Mary of Hope Senior National School, Clonee, 6th Class, 30th January 2013
Years and years ago there was a donkey called Captain French Donkey. He had a big moustache, one human hand and one human foot.

Captain French Donkey was taken advantage of by Tesko workers who realised that he could use his human parts to help out at the store. 


Once Upon a Time

St. Endas National School, Whitefriar Street, 2nd Class, 29th January 2013
There was a girl called Leah. 

She really wanted to go see a JLS concert. She wanted to take an aeroplane and then a limo to Disneyland where they were playing.