Information - Volunteering at Fighting Words

Become a Volunteer!

  • Fighting Words welcomes anyone with an interest in working with children in a creative environment to volunteer with us. Please watch the video to find out more.
  • Fighting Words was recently featured on as an autism-friendly place to volunteer!

What is it like to volunteer at Fighting Words? 

We asked some autistic people who have volunteered at Fighting Words about their experiences. What they shared with us is below.


​The best thing about volunteering with Fighting words is...that you can’t decide what the best thing really is.

When working there, you are introduced to so many amazing things, like:

  • Working with friendly and supportive co-workers
  • Being in a safe and welcoming working environment
  • Being able to experience the different responsibilities that come with preparing an amazing experience for the visiting children
  • The chance to work with the children - helping them to learn and to learn from them as well

There are so many more things that once all come together can only be described in one word: magic.


The best thing about volunteering with Fighting Words is the friendly environment: not only to the kids but to other volunteers as well. It is a nice welcoming place, the way they connect with the children and how they keep them interested at all times.

I think Fighting Words is a great place for primary school kids and definitely a very friendly environment. If you’re working as a volunteer, everyone is nice and friendly. I will definitely be back to volunteer.

Volunteer at Fighting Words