“It’s All Because of the Cat”

Galway Educate Together NS, 6th Class, Fighting Words Galway, 1 December 2021

Most people would be excited to change schools, but Harold was not.

He woke up in the morning, which most people would agree is a good way to start the day, but for Harold, he wished he could sleep for eternity.

He hopped on the bus and was immediately overwhelmed by the pure stench of it. 

That’s where Harold saw Brittany. Harold looked at Brittany who was covered head to toe in Justin Bieber merchandise.

Brittany offered him an American curl, a type of cat.

Harold called his mum who said yes and Harold accepted. Harold was almost disappointed with his mum’s answer.

He hadn’t known Brittany very well and they weren’t very good friends yet. 

The cat walked around the bus as Harold and Brittany conversed. When they finally stopped outside the school, they saw a sign which read ‘No pets allowed inside the school’. 

Harold immediately put the cat in his bag. As he walked into the school, he saw a tall boy standing in the doorway. 

“Oh no,” said Harold.

It was Billy, the main bully in his school, or so he’d heard. The bully was wearing a big leather jacket and chewing gum. Harold decided to keep a low profile and tried to ignore the meowing in his backpack. Then, the bully said, “Hi.”

This was the worst moment of Harold’s life. He didn’t like talking to people, except Brittany because they already knew each other.

Then the bully asked him, “What’s that sound?”

Harold panicked.

He opened his bag, threw the cat at the bully’s feet and ran away…