Abby and Fluffy

Fighting Words at Nando’s Blanchardstown, St Patrick’s Junior National School, Corduff, 2nd Class, 10 March 2016

Abby was with her best friend Fluffy the dog in the dark woods in the Phoenix Park. Abby lived in a cottage in the woods. They were in their flying car on the way to the new carnival. 

“I can’t wait to get there!” Abby said.

“Me too!” said Fluffy.

Abby and Fluffy arrived at the carnival but it was closed. They flew over it and parked on a cloud. They used the slide to get down to the ground. 

Abby and Fluffy met an old man and a reindeer. Abby asked, “Who are you?”

The old man said “My name is Trevor. Can you help me get out of here?”

“How old is your reindeer?” asked Fluffy. “Can she fly?”

“This is Wacky,” Trevor said. “She can’t fly. We’re trapped here.”

“I’ll help you,” said Abby. She pressed a button on her remote and the steps came down from her flying car.

Wacky wouldn’t fit in the flying car. Trevor rang his bell and Wacky turned small, the same size as Fluffy.

They flew off and Trevor started feeling sick. The car broke down and landed in Dublin Bay. Abby screamed because she saw a shark!

Trevor started to get even sicker. The shark could see that Trevor was sick.

The shark said, “I’m a mechanic. I can help you, but you’ll have to trade me something…”