Scoil Mhuire Lakelands, Sandymount, 5th Class, 26/05/10
Piggy Winkle, also known as PW, was flying through the air. He met his friend, Momaconniddlesnintnontnuntpuggywuggy, also known as Niddles, on Cloud 9.

It was a fluffy, floating marshmallow with a log cabin and big mugs of hot chocolate all over the place.

PW and Niddles watched an episode of Glee. PW said, “I would be great on Glee. I can breakdance and fly at the same time.”

Niddles said,”well, I can sing, so I should go on the show too.”

They were rehearsing their acts for the show, when PW walked outside his log cabin.

He started sneezing, “achhhhhhChooo!”

He turned blue. His wings stopped working and he couldn’t rehearse anymore.

Niddles was eating a smartie cookie and he started to hallucinate.

They were worried they had swine flu, so they went to a doctor.