The adventure of Pickleson

St Anne’s Loreto Primary School, Navan, 3rd Class, 30 November 2016

Pickleson the human tiger lived in the jungle.

There was a storm and he fell into a boat and fell asleep.

When he woke up he was in Las Vegas.

One day, Pickleson disguised himself to try and rent a house.

He needed somewhere to live. 

He met a muffin in the house that he found. 

Pickleson said: “What’s your name?’’

“I’m Evil Muffin,” said Evil Muffin. “What are you doing in here?” 

Evil Muffin had broken into the house a long time ago but no one knew he was there.

​Pickleson started trembling because Evil Muffin was called ‘evil’.

Just then, Hosaje walked through the door.

Evil muffin jumped out the window because he was scared. 

Pickleson started wishing that he could fly so that he could get Evil Muffin before he ran away.

He wanted to stop Evil Muffin from doing something bad.

Evil Muffin drove in his muffin car to the evil haunted muffin castle.

In there he had thousands of little muffins. 

Hosaje said to Pickleson: “Let’s make a secret hide-out to stop evil muffin!”

Pickleson replied: “We’ll stop him from doing bad stuff!” He jumped up in the air.