The Adventure of a Snow Leopard

​Gaelscoil Bhaile Munna, Ballymun, 3rd Class, 25th January 2017 

One day, Leah the snow leopard was running around.

She saw her best friend, Winter the Wonderful Girl, out in the fields. It was the year 2020.

Winter the Wonderful Girl asked Leah the snow leopard,  “What is your greatest dream, Leah?”

Before Leah could even reply, a genie appeared out of nowhere.

He was up on a roof and came flying down. He had an orange hat and a blue robe and a grey moustache!

The genie said, “Make your wish!” in a deep voice.

Leah said, “My wish is to make a rainbow unicorn land!”

Just then, before the genie could make her wish come true, a group of poachers arrived in a helicopter.

Winter the Wonderful Girl decided to distract the poachers. She lived up to her name and made snow appear!

While the poachers were distracted, the genie teleported Leah to a safe place. He cast a spell,

“Alakazu Alakazam – take us to an urban place!”

They didn’t know where they were going to land. They ended up in Dublin!...