The Adventure of Squishy the Pineapple

St Colmcille’s Junior National School, Knocklyon, 2nd Class, 1 March 2016 

Once upon a time, there was a pineapple called Squishy.

He was in a fruitbowl in someone’s house.

He fell asleep and had a dream about going to Candyland. 

Squishy woke up because someone was about to eat an apple and the apple was also his friend.

Squishy was scared.

“PINEAPPLE!” he screamed. 

Just then, Ben the clumsy half-chicken/half-unicorn came in and saved the apple.

“Thank you for saving my friend,” Squishy said.  

But then Squishy saw something behind him. It was his greatest fear: his shadow.