The Adventures of Agents Ryder and Roger

St.George’s National School, Balbriggan, 3rd Class, 8th December 2015 

Once upon a time there lived an eagle called Ryder, who was an agent. He had a friend called Roger, who was a white dove. 

Ryder loved being an agent. He dreamed of a Lamborghini.  

Ryder’s enemy, Dr. Metal, whose face was half metal, had a Lamborghini.

Ryder asked Roger if he could borrow some gadgets. He also asked his boss if he could borrow more gadgets to defeat Dr Metal. Roger and Ryder’s boss said they were using their gadgets. 

So they made a plan to break into Dr. Metal’s lair. 

Roger said to Ryder, “Let’s steal the potion.”
“We have to try and steal the Lamborghini as well,” replied Ryder.
“Let’s go!” Roger said. 

Dr. Metal knew it was going to happen, so he quickly called the police. He knew the police would come straight away, so he shouted to them, “Capture them!”
But the police didn’t know who to capture because they knew Dr. Metal was a bad guy, and he was only wearing a disguise...