The Adventures of Benny and his Talking Dog

Scoil San Seamuis James Street 6th class 19th May 2011
Benny was at home watching football on the television with his feet up on a stool. He wanted a cup of tea, but he was out of Lyons tea bags.

He said to himself, “This is lame. Now I have to go to the shop at half-time.”

So at half-time Benny went down to the local shop but it was closed for a staff meeting.

He walked on to the local garage but when he got there he realised he’d forgotten his wallet at home.

Benny was so angry now that he wanted to howl like a dog. He tried…but he couldn’t. He tried again and failed again, and at that moment a stray dog called Jimmy came up to him.

The dog started to howl, and then said to Benny, “Will you take me home, I want to see the second half of the match.”

Benny was shocked to hear a talking dog. He said, “Am I going crazy? Are you a talking dog? I really need a cup of tea now.”

Jimmy said, “Great, I need one too!”

As they walked back to Benny’s house Jimmy asked, “What’s the score?”

Benny said, “I don’t know - it was nil all when I left. I’ll tell you what- if you teach me how to howl I’ll let you into my house.”

Jimmy said, “Okay, but we have to go to the abandoned house beside Hairy Mary’s.”

Hairy Mary was Benny’s neighbour, and he was terrified of her. Just then, Hairy Mary came out onto her porch and saw them talking. She said, “Hold on a minute, that’s my dog!”