The Adventures of Betsy the Scooter

Bray School Project, 5th Class, County Wicklow, 16th November 2017

One day Betsy was locked inside the gate in Saran Wood. Evelyn’s evil henchwoman Gertrude threw him in. 

Then Jimmy the Marshmallow opened the back exit using his magic powers.


Betsy said ‘Why thank you Jimmy the Marshmallow’.

‘I have some bad news, replied Jimmy, ‘I’ve been struck by lightening by Evelyn the evil witch and she is coming for you. Go on without me’

‘NO! Are you okay?’ Betsy cried and revved.

‘I’m dying’ Jimmy said and fell into the gutter.

And so Betsy continued on without Jimmy looking for a new friend.

Later that day Betsy was rolling through Ballywaltrim Park and saw Paddy the Cone who is Evelyns’ evil slave.

‘Oh hello there’, said Betsy, are you a cone?’

‘No, I am an ice-cream cone’, he replied.

‘What is your name?’ asked Betsy.

‘Paddy- Paddy the Cone. I have a hologram of Evelyn’

‘Evelyn?, replied Betsy,’Evelyn the witch???!!!…