The Adventures of Big Toe and Joe

Scoil San Seamuis CBS. 6th Class. 17 December 2009
Scruffy Old Joe lived in a wheelie bin on the back of the 78A bus. His best friend Big Toe, an old shoe, was always with him.

The bus was going by McDonalds when the wheelie bin suddenly fell off the back of the bus.

Scruffy Old Joe found two euros on the ground so he went into McDonalds. He really wanted a Big Mac but he could only buy something off the euro-saver menu.

While Joe was eating his hamburger another old man saw the shoe in the wheelie bin. The old man stole the shoe and put it on.

Scruffy Old Joe came out of McDonalds and felt something was different.

He went back inside the restaurant and saw the other old man. He was wearing his best friend, Big Toe!

Scruffy Old Joe went up to the man and said
‘I’ll give you half of my hamburger if you give me back my best friend’.

The old man just laughed. Joe felt embarrassed because everyone was looking at him.

Outside it was starting to rain. Scruffy Old Joe left McDonalds and went back to his wheelie bin. 

He started to cry. But then he had a thought. He decided to think of a plan.
He would go to Penneys and get a pair of pumps.

He wanted to offer these to the old man as a swap for his best friend….