The Adventures of Bob and Jim, Episode One: The Search for the Legendary Brown Boxes

Griffith Barracks Multidenominational National School Dublin 8 4th Class 13 September 2011

Bob the robotic fish was created by a zombie scientist, who lived in a wooden house next to the harbour.

The scientist put Bob in a fish tank.  He sat down to have his dinner of cod and evil swimming chillis. 

The chillis begin to attack the cod.

Bob tried to help his fellow fish by hopping out of the fish tank but fell into the toilet in the process. 

He swam through a sewer and he met a walrus.

  “How ya mate?” he said.
The walrus, who was not very bright, just said,  “Banana.”

The chillis had followed Bob down the sewer and were chasing him so he would not find the box within boxes!