The Adventures of Bob the Banana

St. Mary’s National School, 3rd class, County Wicklow, 27th November 2019

Bob the Banana loved superheroes, but in his book of superheroes, which was called ‘Frankie’, the main superhero got eaten, and now Bob’s greatest fear is being eaten.

Bob loved reading about superhero history. His friend Psychopath, who was a hash brown, gave him the book.

One day, Bob was in the fruit bowl reading his history book, when Psychopath whispered to him, “There’s a monster on the loose.”

They saw the monster climb up onto the table in the kitchen, and come into the fruit bowl.

Bob and Psychopath jumped out and ran. They jumped out the window and ran into the forest.

Then Bob and Psychopath fell into a hole in the ground.

They heard the monster coming towards them, marching loudly, when suddenly an out-of-control train wiggled towards the monster...