The Adventures of Bob the Banana starring Wally

Our Lady of Victories Boys National School, Ballymun Road, Dublin 9, 4th Class, 16 May 2018

There was a family of a bunch of bananas in Uganda. One of them was named Bob.

Bob was sitting down in his coconut house eating his ice cream.

Suddenly Grandpa Diggypants banged on the door BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!

He shouted, “Where is Wally the Watermelon? He took my shoes!”

Bob said, “I wish I had arms and legs so I could get away from Grandpa.

Okay, okay, Wally is down by the lake in his bungalow taking cover.”

Suddenly, a pencil angel fell from the sky. The angel said, “I heard your wish, your wish is granted.”

The pencil drew Bob some arms and legs.

Bob started learning how to use his arms and legs. He kept falling over.

“Oh my gosh,” said Bob.

He stumbled out the window and went into the jungle to look for Wally…