The Adventures of Burger Man

St Patrick’s NS, Glencullen, County Wicklow, 4th Class, 18 October 2016 

Another day in Burger City. 

Burger Man and French Fry Guy are working in Burger Prince.

All of a sudden, Ketchup the cowboy comes in on straw.

He ducked behind the counter and says: “Ah ha! We meet again,” while stroking his cheese cat. 

Burger Man flips the French fries in Ketchup the cowboy’s face.

French Fry Guy says: “How offensive!” 

“You’re exactly right, French Fry Guy”, replies Burger Man. 

Meanwhile, Ketchup Cowboy fills his straw with ketchup.

Ketchup Cowboy blows the ketchup at Burger Man, but French Fry Guy blocks it with a burger bun.

Burger Man says: “I’m going to call the Pickle Police!”

Burger Man and French Fry Guy do their victory dance to prepare for Strictly Come Dancing. 

They dance out of Burger Prince and they jump on the Cheese-mobile which will take them to Strictly Come Dancing.

Meanwhile, back in London, Bruno is preparing himself to give a 10. 

When Burger Man arrives at the Strictly studios, ready to fulfil his dream, Simon Cowbell tells him that Ketchup Cowboy is the only dance partner left…