The Adventures of a Cranky Sponge

St Patrick’s Junior School, Corduff, 2nd Class, 28 November 2016 

One day Cranky the Spongeman was singing the “Jingles Bells, Batman Smells” song. Then he laid an egg! 

Later that day, it rained and he left his egg outside.

Inside the egg was his best friend - a pink piece of hair. 

A little later, it was too wet.

So, the egg was starting to crack and birds came down to peck it. 

The egg broke open.

The pink piece of hair asked Cranky the Spongeman, “Have you ever jumped off a cliff?”

Cranky the Spongeman replied, “No! it’s my greatest fear.”

The pink piece of hair gave Cranky the Spongeman the power to jump off a high cliff.

Cranky the Spongeman jumped off the high cliff and survived. 

Once he landed, Cranky fell asleep.

When he woke up, he ended up in a land of gumballs. 

Cranky went to explore the land of gumballs and he saw a swimming pool made of gumballs...