The Adventures of Dr. Cheesy

St Mary's National School, 3rd Class, 30 March 2009
One day a piece of cheese called Cheesy went to look for a job. He wanted to be a doctor because he wanted to save all the other cheeses from cheese cancer.

Cheesy had a friend called Coco. Coco was a chocolate bar. Coco helped him look for a job.

They looked in the newspaper. To be a doctor he had to go to medical school.
He needed money to pay all the fees.

After he finished college, Cheesy got a letter. The letter said, “You passed college and we are interested in you as a doctor because of your skills.”

To celebrate, he had a party.  He called his friends and family.

“I passed my exams. I am a doctor. From now on my name is Dr Cheesy,” he told everyone.

“Come to my party today at five o’clock, I have rented a room in the Cheese Plaza Hotel.”

Coco was the first person to show up. A mouse also showed up dressed as Dr Cheesy’s mam.

“I hope a mouse doesn’t come because I am absolutely terrified of mice,” Dr Cheesy said to Coco.

When Dr Cheesy was in the toilet, the mouse grabbed him and threw him in the fridge.
In the main room of the hotel, Coco noticed that Dr Cheesy was gone.

He also noticed that there were two people in the room that looked like Dr Cheesy’s mam.

“Do you have a twin?” Coco asked Dr Cheesy’s real mam. ...