The Adventures of Emily and Buddy the Dog

St Vincent’s GNS, County Cork, 3rd Class, 20 January 2017

Once there was a little girl called Emily who lived in an orphanage.

When she was smaller her mom and dad died.

When Emily grew older she met a friend called Buddy the Dog.

He was also in the orphanage.

She said “Do you want to be my friend, little puppy?”

The dog said “Yes!” Emily was shocked. 

Later that night when she was walking down the street, a clown was following her.

She turned her back. She felt like someone was following her.

When she saw the clown, she and Buddy started running.

Her greatest fear was clowns. Buddy kept barking and said “Run Emily, run!” She forgot that she was scared of the dark as well!

Then she saw a spider.

The clown said “I was following you just because I wanted to be your friend!”

The clown’s name was Charlie. He had curly blue hair.

She didn’t know the clown was actually her dad…