The Adventures of Harold the Pig

Harold thought to himself, “Man, I really wish that I could fly and get myself out of this mess.”

Harold looked up and saw that at the top of the well, there were some crows.  He was terrified of birds.  What made it worse was that these crows were mean and they began to tease him.

“Who fell over?” said one really ugly crow.  “Will we come down there to save you or to EAT you?”

Harold was then even more scared at the thought of the crows eating him.  He shivered in fear.
Meanwhile, Lilo the kangaroo, who was visiting from Australia, heard the squealing from the bottom of the well.  The kangaroo knew whoever was squealing needed some help. 

“Do you want some help down there?” said the kangaroo.

“Who are you?” said Harold.

“I’m Lilo the kangaroo!  Do you want help or not?” said Lilo.

“No, I’m all right,” said Harold.  Lilo began to hop away.  Harold thought again.  “No, wait a minute!  I really do need your help!”

“OK,” said Lilo.  “SCRAM!” he said to the crows.  The crows flew off.

Lilo, being a particuarly bouncy kangaroo, bounced down to the bottom of the well and picked up Harold.  Lilo then bounced back up to the top of the well carrying Harold. Harold thanks Lilo for helping him.  He said it over and over again – so many times that Lilo started to get annoyed. 

Harold apologizes and tells Lilo that his greatest wish is to fly.  Lilo tells him that he thinks that if Harold sings a song, he will be able to fly. 

“Sing the song ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ and see what happens,” says Lilo.

Harold squealed out the song in the worst pig voice ever.  Suddenly, two wings begin to sprout on his back.

“Congratulations!” says Lilo.

Harold was delighted with himself.  He took off and began to fly. Everything was going very well until – BAM! – he slammed into a crows’ nest and knocked an egg out of the nest. Harold got a fright after the crash.  He flew off and was chased by two very angry crows. ...