The Adventures of Hissy and Shiny

St. Andrew’s NS, 2nd class, County Wicklow, 21st November 2018

Once upon a time, there lived a snake called Hissy,

He flew over to his best friend, Shiny the Unicorn because they were having a sleep over. 

Shiny gave Hissy his super powers long ago. 

He allowed him to camouflage into different colours, to fly, and change into different items.

His biggest enemy was the Lava Monster.

“I’ve brought my favourite book” said Hissy.

“That’s my favourite book as well” said Shiny.  It was called:  “The adventures of Hissy and Shiny”

Later in the night, they fell asleep but Shiny woke up because he couldn’t sleep anymore.

Shiny could hear Hissy snoring.  Shiny nudged Hissy with his horn and said “wake up!”

Shiny decided to call up their friend, Ginger the Bunny and invited her over to watch a movie.

But after the movie, a Lava Monster crept into the room and gave them a terrible scare…