Adventures of Jake and Banter

St.Patricks Boys National School, Donabate, 4th Class, 9th June 2015
Once upon a time there were five wolf superheroes. A guy came over to their house and told them to fight for the universe. 

The next day, the superheroes prepared to fight. 

Jake the Superhero Wolf said, “No, I’ll go on my own.” He was going to fight against evil cats but first he had to eat some Nandos.

Then Banter the T. Rex came in his Banter Mobile. While Jake was gone, the other four wolves were in trouble. Banter had come in his Banter Mobile to go save them. Jake was still fighting the evil cats. 

Just then the Banter Mobile crashed into the wall. 

“Send my Banter Bike!!” shouted Banter the T-Rex. 

While Banter’s servant was bringing the Banter Bike, Jake was being attacked by cats.

The evil cats picked up some sticks that they found on the ground. Then unicorns came along and picked up the sticks. 

“Oh yay! There’s unicorns!” said Jake.
The unicorns shot water at the evil cats. 

Meanwhile at the wolves’ home, elephants were attacking the house...