The Adventures of Jazz Man and Shnarf

St.Fiachras SNS, Beaumont. 6th Class. 9th December 2009
Jazzman was at a show listening to jazz music.  The Yipposaurus was playing.  Jazz’s hands began shaking in jazz movement.

Shnarf was with Jazz at the show.  Jazz suddenly saw Fish Curry swinging in on a rope.  Jazz screamed,

‘Oh My JAZZ, Fish Curry is here!’

Everyone could smell Fish Curry as soon as he arrived.  Jazz warned everyone,

‘Look out jazz fans.  Fish Curry shoots curry out from his gills!’

Shnarf said, ‘Don’t worry Jazzman, I’ll protect you! Shnarfff, shnarfff!’

But Fish Curry was too fast and shot Shnarf, pinning him to the wall.

Jazz thought, ‘If only I was friends with the Yipposaurus.  He could help us.’

The Yipposaurus paused from playing the cool jazz music on stage and fired chicken curry at Fish Curry.  There was a chemical reaction when the chicken curry hit Fish Curry and he was blown away.  Jazz took this opportunity to free Shnarf.

Jazz and Shnarf turned to thank the Yipposaurus but he was gone!

‘We need to find the Yipposaurus, sssshnarff, ssshnarfff!’ said Shnarf.

‘Come on then, let’s go find the Yipposaurus, jazz, jazz!’

said Jazzman…